Weekend Recap: Sweeeeeeeeeeeep

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Recap: Sweeeeeeeeeeeep

. Monday, June 22, 2009

... and the Community Center was again saved from greedy developers.

When Woody and DeRo came into the game at different times on Friday, the Wrigley faithful let them know they were appreciated with heartfelt standing ovations. Then they cheered as the Cubs spent the entire weekend beating them. And damn, it was sweet. It may have been against the AL's version of the Washington Nationals, and they might have needed four extra innings to do it, but we'll take it.

Each game, after the jump.

Friday: Cubs 8 - Indians 7 (10 inn)

"That is the worst German potato salad I've ever had on the mound."

Both of your courageous WAIW editors ended up at the park that day, despite biblical-style rain and wind that convinced me it was going to be the second rainout in a week. Since I attended with guests from out of town, my bigger worry was getting them in the stadium for an overpriced beer and a walk around the park before they officially called it. Good thing I'm terrible at predicting shit.

When the game started, I was soon convinced it may as well not have. Rich Harden looked bad - Jason Marquis in August bad. Before I had even befouled a single trough with my angry, indignant urine, we were down 7-0. I went back to cheering for a total rainout ... you know, like screaming "do-over," except official. Yep, it was truly a terrible, terrible game. All was lost.

"Celebrate prematurely! We have clearly won this game!"

Then Reed Johnson hit a homer. That's cute - something for the kids to talk about. Then Derrek Lee hit a homer. Nice to see him swinging well. 7-2. Some bright spots. Okay, bases loaded, 8th inning. But it's Blanco up. I don't see how HOLYSHITBLANCO! 7-4. HOLYSHITTHATGUYDROPPEDIT. 7-5. HOLYSHITSORIIIIAANNOOOOOOOO 7-6. Aaaand Theriot lines out. Well now, this is exciting.

So now comes the scene I've envisioned since buying these tickets in February. Kerry Wood back at Wrigley nursing a 1-run lead in the bottom of the 9th. You can't tell me he doesn't feel just a tad emotional about it. Derrek Lee, on the other hand is a killing machine. 7-7. Now we've officially erased Rich Harden's start. Thanks, Woody. You're not half-bad.

(Weird side-note here: No one left while the Cubs were getting ass-hammered 7-0, but suddenly we go into extras and a bunch of motherfuckers are like "welllll, I gotta beat the traffic." GFY, you dumb bastards. Go back to Libertyville in shame.)

For once, the Cubs managed to win an extra-inning game in the 10th, on a Theriot ground-out that took a little-league hop and ended up being the winning 2-out RBI. Wrigley exploded. I high-fived strangers so much, it was like I was bragging that I didn't have OCD. What a damn win.

Saturday: Cubs 6 - Indians 5 (13 inn)

"SQUEEEEEEE. A spider! Killitkillitkillit!"

Yet another bowel-cramper of a game. Our man Ted was on the mound for this one, and I believe that Steve and I adequately summed up our feelings about the man during our guest-spot on the Ted Lilly Fan Club. Thanks to TLFC for allowing us the opportunity - it was like getting an honorary doctorate, but without the uncomfortable seating and the torturous recitation of name after name that I couldn't give less of a shit about.

Anyhow, Ted ended up with the dreaded ND (no decision, not the crappy college football team) after Marmol WALKED IN THE DAMN TYING RUN IN THE 7TH. It's getting ridiculous when I expect Marmol to walk a couple of guys each appearance, and am pleasantly surprised when he does not. You know what's been missing around here lately, (Filthy), that's what.

Kosuke Fukudome, Freelance Gynecologist. Coming soon to a theater near you.

Fukudome snapped out of his slump with a nice 4-5 day. I would like to point out that even in a slump, Fuku's OBP still hovers around .400. D.Lee also continued to hit, prompting Steve to scream "I BOUGHT THAT GUY'S JERSEY" at passerby on the street.

The game went deep into extras, with David Patton giving up what looked like the death blow to Luis Valbuena with two outs in the top of the 13th. The Indians had the lead, and the Cubs looked demoralized. Then Kerry Wood came in to save the 1-run lead.

"I did that on purpose. Go Cubs go."

Yeah, you probably know how that turned out. Poor bastard.

Sunday: Cubs 6 - Indians 2 (Mercifully, just 9 inn)

Pew pew pew!

People call Wrigley a dump, and I concede that the concrete is crumbling and that you have to pee in one long metal bucket. Yet it's a relative term - it may not be the billion-dollar whorehouse that is Yankee stadium, but neither is it the CTA Pink Line, where I listened to much of this game on my AM radio.

While you might not be able to get your pan-fried grouper sandwich with chipotle aioli (you pussy) at the Friendly Confines, neither do you have to make a mental calculation on whether the homeless man in the pink sun hat drinking King Cobra out of a Poland Spring water bottle is adjusting his matching plaid shirt/pants ensemble or whether he's attempting to masturbate. At mid-day. On a Sunday afternoon. So take that "tear it down" bullshit and cram it up your ass. You have shitty idea of what "disgusting place to take in a baseball game" actually means.

Oh, and the Cubs won.