Weekend Recap: I'll Take It!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Recap: I'll Take It!

. Monday, June 1, 2009

Ted Lilly hopes to win his fight against Big Tobacco.  A three-pack-a-day habit has transformed the mug of this promising 19 year-old. 

Sure, it ended on a bad note, but with the way we have been struggling recently, I will take a split series against the team with the best record in baseball.
  It’s like getting to third base with a girl that is way out of your league: you always could go for me, but you are still leaving content.  After Thursday’s depressing 2-1 loss, we came back and returned the favor to them on Friday.  Ted Lilly got his 6th win on the season, going 7 strong innings.  He really has been our most consistent pitcher this year, and after Marshall’s deuce of a 1st on Sunday, I believe he now has the teams lowest ERA among starting pitchers.  Not bad for a guy that gives up the second most home runs per 9 innings in the league.  

For a larf, the Rockefellers decided to set up a game of human croquet

Saturday we looked like the team we are supposed to be, being effective and efficient on both sides, picking up the 7-0 win.  Dempster pitched like he actually deserved his contract for the first time this year, only allowing 3 hits in 7 innings.  It was a fun game to watch, and the first time I have seen the team click.  

I thought we got rid of Jon Lieber?

In the series finale, Marshall started out the game but allowing 6 of the first 7 to get a hit.  It all started with a lead-off hit by Juan Pierre, of which Theriot may have been able to make a play on.  If he makes the play, does Marshall implode and give up 5 runs on 6 hits?  Who knows?  That is like trying to figure out if my mom and sister dressing me up in short-suits (that’s right, suits with a pair of shorts) and making me go to birthday parties for Cabbage Patch Kids has had any lingering effects on my life.  Let’s not dissect that and just play some damn ball.  After the first, the Cubs were pretty much out of it.  I endured the pain of the ESPN broadcast crew, going on and on and on and on about the most pointless crap, in a completely humorless fashion. Imagine Ben Stine reading VCR instructions.  The only benefit of Ramirez being out is Jon Miller cannot butcher his name with his faux-Latin American accent that comes into play.  

"It's NOT a TUMOR!"

Rafael Frucal gets pumped up by listening to this remix:

When it was all said and done, Cubs lost 8-2.  Off day today, then off to Atlanta.  We are fast approaching the limit on the “its still early” portion of the year, so let’s hope for a good run in June, as I loathe being behind the Brewers.  


Jen said...

I thought we got rid of Jon Lieber?Still laughing. That one's giving "Mike Piazza called" a run for its money.

KD said...

That was pretty effin funny, Jen. Thanks for making my otherwise sucktastic Monday a bit less so, WAIW! ;)