Unlike The Who, The Cubs Get Gregg'd Again

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Unlike The Who, The Cubs Get Gregg'd Again

. Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even in Detroit, Gregg somehow gets to keep his job

Having Kevin Gregg on the mound in a close game is like keeping your ex-girlfriend's number programmed in your cell phone. In theory, its not a bad idea, but more times than less, you are going to drunkenly text a desperate message and look like a pathetic piece of shit that can't throw a damn ball to close a damn game to save his damn life. Wait. That analogy made sense at one point. In conclusion, Gregg sucks like your ex-girlfriend.

Picture taken September 22, 1977, or 9 months and 1 day prior to Gregg's birthday. A happier time, to be sure.

The game itself was up and down. John was only able to catch the first half (due to a fancypants dinner), and I was only able to watch the second half (on account of The Hangover - "Is this the actual Caesar's Palace?"). This provides quite a disjointed view of the game - particularly of one individual. Got a message from John while in the movie about how much a pile of crap Hoffpauir is. However, the half of the game I saw displayed how kick-ass he is, with a two-run go-ahead homer. I elected not to interrupt his dinner with a "FACE! Micah came through!" message; however, my respect of his privacy was thrown out the window when Gregg Gregg'd it up, and I sent him quite the f-word variation tirade on the quality of Kevin Gregg. Respect for nice dinners has its bounds, after all.

You can't feel too bad about losing to a team with the Power of Selleck (POS)

And so it went, another close loss because the bullpen can't close the game. I was willing to write-off the Atlanta loss because of Lou resting everyone, but this is one we should have won. I don't know why these guys feel the need to get me excited that they had turned a corner, only to revert to the Cubs of yester-week. Oh well, such is the life we chose to lead. Win tonight, and all will be forgotten, at least for that moment.


KD said...

getting Gregged sucks. I hate him. I wrote him a "fan" letter on my blog. I left the "f" word out as much as I could, but, I'll be honest, I was yelling at my TV last night. Gregg sucks. I'm not sure what else he has to do to prove that to Lou. Ugh.