Tigers 6 - Cubs 5: Back to Losing

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tigers 6 - Cubs 5: Back to Losing

. Friday, June 26, 2009

"Have you ever, like, just looked at a bat, man? It's so crazy. I need a Hostess Fruit Pie."

Allow me to pose a question - what was the last time that you were confident in the Cubs? It's getting to the point that I'm almost ready to write off a third trip to the playoffs, and it's not even halfway through the season. Despite playing in a division with all the fight of an armless pacifist, I'm not sure the Cubs are the class of the Central, big-ass payroll or not.

"Next time, thank me by not going 0-3, dick."

Ted Lilly was bad yesterday, but you know what? Ted Lilly has been the only consistent player on this team, and he can damn well have a bad start if he wants. It's not like they didn't choke away another close game with runners on base. Jake Fox looked good, but then Cubs.com had to ruin it for me with that ridiculous "a triple away from the cycle" bullshit. Hell, I know how to make tacos, so I'm really only a medical degree away from being Dr. Taco. Hooray for me, you bastards! Also, I'm always happy with Kosuke does well.

We're going up against Jose Contreras today, and I'm still not confident we're going to do anything but leave a shitload of runners shaking their heads at second base. I'm afraid that by the time Aramis Ramirez comes back, the fans are going to be singing the score of "Jesus Christ Superstar" instead of "Go Cubs Go."