Sucked Against Sox

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sucked Against Sox

. Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It was unfortunate that Jonathan Silverman's strategy didn't work as well here as it did in "Weekend at Bernies"

It's a funny thing, living in Chicago during the crosstown series. Unlike other teams, the White Sox fans are primarily in the local area, and they only seem to want to talk about their team when they are playing the Cubs. Their moment in the spotlight, if you will. The fact that both of these teams are currently under .500 doesn't matter. You want the win. I can't imagine this series feels the same way to people outside of the city - but let me tell you - here, it is quite a big deal. As soon as the final out occurred, of course, I had to hear it from every Sox fan I know. Fortunately, their inability to construct structures makes it nearly impossible to deceiver what they mean. Like this man, inexplicably talking about sows. "Sow win, Cubs lose" - is this a veiled threat against the Cubs with a strain of swine flu?! Oh you South Siders.

John Danks was unaccustomed to fans in the stands

Listening to the game was pretty awful. Another game with no hits when it mattered, going 0-7 with runners in scoring position. That's like getting a bunch of triples in Connect Four (editor's full disclosure: I kick ass at Connect Four: diagonals are my speciality!) - we just can't seem to get the ones that matter. As has been a recurring theme this year, it is really a struggle watching this team. They just can't seem to get it going. We need to play .600 ball for the rest of the year to get to 90 wins. There was a point this year, where I thought 105 wins was a possibility. Oh the innocence of my 25 and 8 month youth. As a 25 and 10 month-er, I now know I was blinded by fancy payrolls and past glory. I have learned from my ways, and am willing to accept that this team isn't what I had expected. But my goodness, can we beat the friggin' Sox?

Walk of shame

So tomorrow the series is technically on the line. I really would like the win and avoid the sweep. That being said, I'm intrigued about the make-up game in September. If both these teams are in the race, it will be one crazy scene. Hope we can pull it out...either way, I'll be listening. Go Cubs!