Cubs Win, Suck Me Back In

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cubs Win, Suck Me Back In

. Monday, June 29, 2009


Much like every other win after a losing streak this season, the Cubs have drawn me back with a win against a mediocre Pirates team. It is like being beaten by your spouse for a week straight, but then they come home with a new necklace and I can tell this time, they really mean that they are sorry. Besides, I need to be more careful around the stairs anyway. So once again, they have won my forgiveness and sent me off on my "hot-streak-before-the-All-Star-break-then-we-get-Aramis-back-and-we-will-play-like-we-are-supposed-to" idiotic fantasy sequences. The joys of being a Cubs fan.

X marks the Fox. I hate myself.

As for the actual game, the Cubs looked pretty solid, with Harden having one of his best outings of the season, lasting a solid 7 innings, striking out 9. Keep in mind, 7 innings from Harden is the equivalent of Christopher Reeve climbing a flight of stairs (hey - after our jokes about MJ and the Billy Mays, we are going to only mock already deceased celebrities). While he did give up 9 hits, any time he found himself in a jam, he was able to pitch out of it. John found himself doubting the abilities of Marmol and Gregg, though I reminded him to have a little faith (this conversation quickly escalated to a discussion containing swear words, autism, and Hardy Boys). Fortunately, the bullpen did not let us down, not allowing a hit or a walk for the final 2 innings.

Classic Sunday Funday aftermath

Looking at the box score of the game, it still isn't pretty. While the pitching was solid, the offense was a joke. We got out-hit, especially when it matters, going 1-9 with runners in scoring position. We will never be able to compete against a balanced team (luckily, the NL Central doesn't contain these), so I still have limited faith in what this team will do. I believe the first picture shown in this post shows how not on the same page everyone is. Hopefully they will hit their stride, but the time to say that the season is still early has passed. 2 weeks until the All-Star break, and we really need a solid run before the time off.


J.J. said...

OMG - loved that awwkwward photo! (I didn't feel like typing as many 'W's as you did). I too got sucked back in with that ooogly win over the worst team in the division, only to be beaten down the next day when they got beat by the worst team in the division. *sigh*. Being a Cubs fan is soooooo hard.