Cubs 6 - White Sox 5: You Gotta Hit Rock Bottom First

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cubs 6 - White Sox 5: You Gotta Hit Rock Bottom First

. Thursday, June 18, 2009

Derrek Lee acknowledges Soriano's game-winning hit with the traditional knockout rag of ether

Let's set the scene:

3:21 PM
Steve: 5-1
we done
John: i saw
John: we'll be going to games for $10 by the end of the year
Steve: yay?
John: didn't mean it like that
Steve: thats how it damn well sounded
John: nope
3:24 PM
John: despair and woe is how that was conceived
Steve: this team is pretty bad.
John: pissed that we're going to hit a 2006 level of pathetic the year after 97 wins.
3:31 PM Steve: ya
3:32 PM John: the Indians suck ridiculously
let's hope we can enjoy a weekend series
Steve: sweeeept.
3:33 PM beat the crap out of the sox.
who are beating us.
John: well, the transitive property is a shitty predictor for baseball
Steve: math is god.
John: easy there, Richard Dawkins
3:34 PM Steve: follow me.
oh bradley.
John: i think we should just stop paying him
and let him sue for it until we can litigate him into settling
Steve: lee!
John: for a more reasonable salary
3:35 PM Steve: homer!
me: dammit
Steve: 3 run baby!
me: I need to type angry faster
now I look all inappropriate

That's pretty much how it went today, and my entire life. Every time I hit rock bottom, something happens to make me look like an asshole. More Cubs comeback goodness, after the jump.

This was sweet - really damn sweet. I got to listen to the end of the game in my truck, and I've become fairly convinced that listening to 1-run Cubs games in the later innings is more dangerous than cell phone talking while driving. I looked down, and I was doing a good 10 miles per hour faster than my usual without noticing. Not that it didn't come with a fair amount of indigestion. For the at-work GameCast version of my day, things were bleak, as evidenced by the conversation above. But all's well that ends well.

"Listen, you whiny bastard. Nobody fucks with DeJesus."

Zambrano was good today - one really bad pitch to Alexi Ramirez gave him two more runs than he probably deserved on the day. A solid 7 inning, 3 earned run performance, but a no decision. Good production from Bradley, D.Lee, and a redemptive home run by Fatty Soto. Reed and Sori were clutch as fuck, and Kevin Gregg earned the win.

"Oh boy! I hit a home run! This is so awesome ... now Mom's gonna make Totino's Pizza Rolls!"

There you have it. Irredeemable depression turned into insane glee with a few swings of the bat. Such is baseball.