All You Need Is A Win To Calm Those Jangled Nerves

Thursday, June 4, 2009

All You Need Is A Win To Calm Those Jangled Nerves

. Thursday, June 4, 2009

Koyie Hill pleads with Kelly Johnson insisting "she didn't mean anything by it"

Tuesday night was a rough night for anyone that closely follows this team.  Not the mental equivalent of say, Brad Pitt opening a package at the end of Seven, but still pretty damaging, as illustrated by John’s Pantera fueled rant decrying Hooters.  Well, I’m not sure how he is feeling right now, but I’m sure he’d go for some wings sans complaint.  That’s what happens with this game.  Moods change more frequently than tapes in Bob Crane’s VCR.  And today, all is right with the world.  Of course, we knew this would happen.  The following is a word-for-word transcript of a conversation John and I had at 3:30 yesterday afternoon:

John: You know what really sucks about this situation with our team?

Steve: There are a number of answers.

John: Well, chief among them is that we're going to go home tonight and watch them and hope that they win…because we're idiots.

Steve: What’s worse is that they will win and our minds will just go straight back to the "only x games behind" mentality...if we just get hot for a week”…blah blah blah.

And so here, now 26-25, only 4 games behind the Brewers.  If we can get on a little streak, we will be right back in the hunt for the lead of the division.

Some things never change. 

So dedicated was he to freeze tag, nothing would make Yunel Escobar move until Chipper Jones crawled underneath his legs 2 innings later

All that being said, it is hard to take too much positive out of this game.  Again, the Cubs couldn’t hold a lead, albeit this wasn’t as much of a meltdown.   Unlike last night, the bullpen was able to perform, but, like every other game this season, as soon as the game is in their hands I feel like we are the other team in Hang Time…sure we have more talent and ummm…NOT A GIRL ON OUR TEAM, but they will somehow find a way to beat us at the last minute.  And you that a Hang Time reference can only mean one thing: time for a video clip!

So, in my analogy, the Cubs are Alonzo Mourning and every other team is the loser from Deering High.  We, despite the obvious advantages, allow Deering to walk all over us, back us into a corner, and score when we should shut them down.  Well, Cubs, let’s become the ‘Zo we know we can be again (I’m talking “NBA Jam” Alonzo Mourning, not “liver failure” Alonzo Mourning).  Here is to stupid, blind optimism, the defining characteristic of any true Cubs fan. 


KD said...

Here, here for stupid blind optimism!!!! :)