Wrigley Tour / Lessons in Investigative Journalism

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Wrigley Tour / Lessons in Investigative Journalism

. Sunday, May 17, 2009

Extra, extra!  Bruce Miles likes granola bars!!!!

My sister and I have a great scam worked out where we have our parents come to the city for their celebrations.  This system was worked to perfection when we took our Mom on the Wrigley Field tour for Mother's Day.  Highlights on of the tour include the press box, locker rooms, dugouts, and a little bit on the field.  In addition to simply enjoying the tour, as a responsible blogger, I participated in a little investigative journalism, and bringing to you, the reader, insights you never thought possible, such as that little nugget of joy about granola bars.  A photo tour with much more where that came from after the jump!

Should one be so inclined, one, in theory, would be able to call this phone during a game, should one want to enlarge the image and look at the number on the phone.  Just saying. 


This media guide had a post-it note on it saying "Do not take."  My mother, being the good Catholic, did not put it in her purse despite my pleas.  Instead, we got this super rad picture!

Here is Paul Sullivan's seat.  I hate Paul Sullivan.

I felt compelled to take a little bit of Wrigley with me.

"Holy shit!  Is Cotts in?!?!"

This picture is hanging in the Cubs locker room.  Feel free to add your own caption.

MLB poster about their drug policy.  Decidedly hard to find.

Pissin' on the Padres

Special thanks to my sister for the pictures.  Your sense of photographic brilliance never ceases to amaze and inspire. 


LinnieS said...

a wonderful day was had by all,
when on to Wrigley was set by a call.

It came with a tear
as the video ran,
There was Ron and Ernie
and the rest of the clan.

A move through the dugouts
the press box too,
a great way to see
our guys in blue!

So I love this “scam”
my kids have created,
remember October 4th
Is the next “scam” slated!


Steve said...

now everyone knows where my mad poetry skills come from.