Whoring <s>Ourselves</s> Others: Cubs Fan Confidence Poll

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Whoring Ourselves Others: Cubs Fan Confidence Poll

. Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Halfway into may, it turns out that we're not running away with the division like as the Ghost of Harry Caray would like. Some people are worried. Some people are panicking. Some people just want to dance. Place thyself, reader, in one of these groups by taking VFTB's Cub Confidence Level survey. Joe from VFTB needs to know exactly how low you rate Neal Cotts, and a couple of loyalty oath-style queries (i.e. - will the Cubs win the series this year? ANSWER, COMMIE!) thrown in.


John said...

I am writing this from the Wrigley pressbox wifi. Like a boss.

wolfie said...

Lee .202
Bradley, .186
Soto, .175


My question is, do you let Hoffpauir and Scales, who are, in limited play, hitting the shit out of the ball, ride their streaks while the guys above are forced to sit on the bench and think about their commitment to success? Or do you keep going to the guys with the big salaries and hoping things turn around?

And I'm insulted someone would think to ask me if I thought the Cubs would go on to win it all. W.T.F.