Weekend Recap: Win, Lose and Draw

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap: Win, Lose and Draw

. Monday, May 18, 2009

Either Tejada thought Lee was safe or he is trying out for Angels in the Outfield

Friday, Mother Nature played on cruel game with Cubs fans by raining out a hallowed Chicago tradition of ditching work for a glorious Friday in the park.  I was tempted myself to move things around so as to be able to attend.  Alas, the rain didn't stop long enough and the game was postponed until July.  We were on such a roll, I think we can call it even on weather related advantages and the Astros can shut their damn pie-hole. 

Looking at this picture, one would assume Scales is the grizzled veteran

Saturday's game was an up and down ride, with us seemingly in control until Gregg decided to Gregg it up by acting all Gregg-ey.  Admittedly, the details are a bit sketchy for the game as a friend texting me on Saturday morning to join her for a power hour.  When you are sitting in your sweatpants watching reruns of Degrassi: The Next Generation, nothing sounds better the making some bad decisions.  While we did have the game on, the pitch-by-pitch action was drowned out by awful sing-a-longs of such hits as Peaches, Apples and Bananas, and I Think We’re Alone Now.  From what I understand, Wells had better control this time out and is making a case to remain in the rotation with Marshall going to the pen.  I am still not 100% on Wells, as I am cautious with sending my love a new pitcher’s way.  Anyway, the other big story was Scales’ game-winning run, driven in by Soriano.  I think everyone felt a sigh of relief when we saw LaTroy Hawkins coming into the game, and the Cubs were able to squeeze out a win, albeit in too-close-for-comfort circumstances. 

"Oh man, this stinks!  Who left this giant pile of Gregg on the mound?!"

On Sunday, Harden got the loss, giving up 4 runs in an inning.  I believe Len said that this was the most runs he has allowed in an inning since 2004.  As we’ve said here before, Harden leaving the game healthy is always a victory, but at some point this mentality will change.  For now, I’m excited at the prospect that our rotation will be back to 100% this week when Zambrano returns.  The Cubs struggled on Sunday, of course, I was switching back and forth between this game and the Hawks game, so I could be way off there.  It just seemed every time I flipped back to the Cubbies, they were grounding out to someone.  I did watch the bottom of the 9th, however, and they gave it a good shot.  Soto’s ball was well hit, just a little bad luck.  I certainly can accept losing that way over a 1-2-3 inning or a strike out (especially a strike out looking). 

We are on a good streak right now, and after an off-day today, head to St. Louis for an important series.  With our stock on the rise, and the Cards sinking, it should be a good time for a series at Busch.