Weekend Recap: Hey, D-Bag, It's Tuesday. Where's My Weekend Recap? ...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend Recap: Hey, D-Bag, It's Tuesday. Where's My Weekend Recap? ...

. Tuesday, May 5, 2009

... is what you might be wondering. My apologies - allergies hit me on Monday with a Bobby Brown-caliber backhand. But in my relative silence, the Cubs have flourished, winning four straight. And if they end up losing today, don't blame that on me. Blame that on the cruel twist of fate that gives the Cubs a decided starting pitching disadvantage in the Lincecum v. Lefty rotation battle. Before that battle occurs, let's take an abbreviated look back at the winning streak:

Friday: Cubs 8 - Marlins 6

Theriot hits a grand slam - in other news, skies rain blood and four horsemen ride

The story of this game was Theriot's first career grand slam. I was keeping up with this via the dots (Game Tracker), and when I saw the bases empty and the score jump up, my first thought was that the program had gotten messed up. Ryan Theriot doesn't hit grand slams, you stupid game tracker - work right, dammit! But lo, I was mistaken. Nor did I suspect that this was just the first taste of Orlando Bloom's new-found power. Rich Harden remains thankful for the distraction.

Saturday: Cubs 6 - Marlins 1

Hard to embarrass a man named Annabelle, but our man Lilly did exactly that

I had to run to the burbs on Saturday, and listened to nearly the entirety of the game - from pre-game to the 7th - on WGN. I can't express how much I love baseball on the radio, more than any other sport. Should the Cubs make the World Series (legal disclosure: author contractually obligated to inform reader that This Is The Year), I'll be tempted to eschew the flat-screen HDTV for the wondrous technology of AM radio.

Old Timeyness aside, Ted Lilly literally won this game by himself. He gave up but a solo shot, walked none (!), struck out ten (!!), and smacked a two-RBI double to the wall (!!!). Crappy outings (see: last outing) somehow only serve to make him better. If only he could teach that skill to Neal Cotts. Ryan Theriot hit yet another homer, making people wonder if they hadn't gotten Fontenot and Theriot confused.

Sunday: Cubs 6 - Marlins 4

Clearly, the retirement plans of Greg Maddux included a quest to perfect the recipe for peanut butter-filled donuts wrapped in bacon.

I was at this game, and managed to get there early enough to see both the number retirement ceremony and the raising of a pair of #31 flags. I'll have a separate article on that later. Truly, this game was about the perfect day at Wrigley - beautiful, sunny, mid-60s, with an exciting back and forth that was ultimately decided by a grand slam. I even got to hear "Rubberband Man." It's exactly the day at Wrigley that I would have envisioned for myself as a kid (minus the ace breaking). Still not convinced? My girlfriend bought me ice cream after the game - yayyyyyyyyyyy!!! Ice Creeeeeaaaaaaammmmm!

Monday: Cubs 4 - Giants 2

Milton Bradley, shown here in a rare non-homicidal moment

Given my love of Chicago and of the Cubs, wouldn't you think there'd be something romantic about the notion of yours truly riding home on the L, relaxing and listening to the Cubs game? I certainly thought so, and I was dead wrong. You know what the worst place to pick up an AM signal is? In a giant metal tube propelled by massive amounts of electricity. So I ended up smashed against the doors, holding my AM radio to the window like some weirdo trying to snag secret government mind-control transmissions.

Theriot hit his third homer in four games to pad the lead early (we'd need it), and it suddenly became clear to me. He's sold his soul to the devil. No other explanation seems plausible. If he hits just one more the entire year, we're talking career year, power-wise. The Rubberband Man (FILTHY) was certainly back to form - if he keeps pitching like this, we're going to see opposing batters change their stances to the fetal position.


Kat said...

It was a beautiful weekend for Cubs fans!

Cole said...

I'm still angry at WGN radio for implementing a (two?) second-delay for censoring purposes (Ron's mumbly curses?). Gone were the days that I could watch the game on mute while turning to Pat and Ron for the play-by-play.

However, Cubs media did redeem itself a little by firing Chip Caray (terrible, terrible, terrible) and Steve Stone (good analyst, grating voice) and replacing them with some real fun-loving party dudes.

To recap, I like when Pat makes fun of Ron's sweaters.