WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 10: "Buttons are Overrated"

Friday, May 29, 2009

WAIW Cubs Blog Roundtable, Week 10: "Buttons are Overrated"

. Friday, May 29, 2009

We at WAIW are lucky enough to be acquainted with the operators of a bunch of excellent Cubs blogs. Every Friday throughout the 2009 season, we're going to bring as many of them as we can together to share their thoughts on being Cubs fans. This week - snazzy duds!:

Given the amount of effort put into last week's question, we're going to do a full reversal into the most vapid topic of all - fashion! Apart from the classic pinstripe look, the Cubs have worn a number of different jersey styles over the years. Which one do you want to see back in the lineup? Maybe you dug the dark blue road pullovers of the 80s teams, maybe you long for a return to the classic look of no names on jerseys, or maybe you're batshit insane and want to see the powder-blue pinstripe shirts back on the field more than anything. What one style are you bringing back?

For reference, we used this excellent article from GROTA

Ginger Russ

Buttons are so overrated. I would go with the jerseys used after the 1982 season, particularly the blue road version. Probably because this is the jersey that I grew up on, and it brings me back to watching the Cubs on my 13" b/w tv in my room on Saturday afternoons while my Dad watched NASCAR on the tv in the living room. I hate auto racing.

My other vote (just like in Chicago elections, I get as many votes as I please) would be for the 1908 jerseys. Not because they are cool, which they aren't, but because that is the last f--king time the Cubs won the GD world series. If bringing back those jerseys does something to help to the Cubs win it all, whatever.

BTW, when are we getting those camo jerseys?

- Ginger Russ comes to us from College of Idiots, where they've just now upgraded to color television. Still hating NASCAR, though.

Bush League Times

Jay: As honored as I was to finally get a seat at the roundtable, I have to admit I had to defer here. Since I am as color blind as they come, I was afraid I say something embarrassing like "I like the pink ones from 1982" so I sent this inquiry to the BLT Fashion Expert, Dan O'Clock.

Dan: I have to go with 1908 for obvious reasons, right?

- It's the only jersey they ever won anything in

- It's the only one with a real collar. I think that falls under the rules of Business Casual, I could wear that to work

- Pinstripes on the road hat?? That had to intimidate the home crowds

- It was obviously the first socks ever designed by Adidas. Luckily with time they've refined and mastered the whole 3 stripe thing

- Interesting note about the 1908 jersey. Although it's not shown, these uniforms had a trap door on the backside for in-between inning bathroom breaks.

- You can't tell me that Zambrano wouldn't look great in this jersey

- On a separate note, how did GROTA get David Patton to model all of the jerseys?

- Read Jay and Dan at the Bush League Times, or if you're in the mood for something more mature, check out Jay's recommendation for more adult reading


when it comes to the uniform, i'm pretty much a traditionalist. button down shirt.

i like the look of the current home uniform, i'd like to see a few tweaks. lose the names on the back and the red piping around the numbers. just a simple blue number on the back like they wore in the 60's, 70's and 80's. finally, i'd like to see them change the patch on the sleeve. (more on that later.)

as far as the road look goes. it's not bad, but not great. the cubs have changed road uniforms alot, and i salute the team for at least sticking with this incarnation for 10 years.. buti'd scrap the current version. i'd like to see the cubs go back to a modern version of this. this simple road greys that they wore from in the 40's and early 50's.

sorry z, but I hate the alternate blue jerseys, i'd get rid of those altogether and simply wear the blue pinstripes at home and the road greys away from the confines.

finally, in a salute to the 60's and 70's I'd like to see this logo back on the arms.

- CCD runs Waxpaperbeercup, and has excellent taste is sleeve logos


Knee-high socks, knee-high socks, KNEE-HIGH SOCKS!!!!! It should be mandatory, dude.

- Ace devotes his time, and his love, to Bleacher Nation, The Cubs Brickyard, and the old-timey stylings of Vaudeville

Ted Lilly Fan Club

If we had to pick a jersey style from the past, we’d opt for the dark blue roadies from the 1980s. However, to be honest, we’d like to go a different direction and suggest our own TLFC-ified version of the Cubs Jersey—something that we call the Legion of Doom jersey.

We’ll start with the color—black. Sure, we all know that our main color is Cubbie Blue but we think that we need to ratchet up the intensity and go w/ black to really freak out other teams. Now, if contractually, we need to stay with blue, we’ll need to work with Crayola to come up with a new type of blue—like death blue or disembodiment blue which will combine with the black. Next—we come to sleeves—let’s rip em off. No sleeves on this jersey. Sure—odds are that we’ll look like a bunch of Sigma Chi frat guys dieseling out at the gym before a Fall Barn Dance but it’ll be worth it when opponents get free tickets to the gun show every game. Third, instead of a baseball-playing bear or cute teddy bear-type logo—we’ll replace it with a “Grizzly Man”-type picture of a bear ripping an animal or human to shreds. Finally, and this one might not pass MLB standards, we’d throw on some spikes ala WWF’s Road Warriors to complete the outfit. Viola—the Cubs Legion of Doom jersey.

- We would be lying if we didn't think that The Ted Lilly Fan Club would come up with something resembling battle armor. Well done, chaps.


I generally tremble at the idea of change but I wouldn't protest a slightly modernized version of the '08s - 1908s, that is. It's based on my fondness for the morbidly obese bear silhouette logo and a working theory that fashion wins World Series (screw pitching).

- Jen from Cub Blogging is still recovering from her brush with greatness this week (greatness = Matt Sinatro).


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John said...

What ... the fuck? Cubs Zone? Is that you?

Jay said...

That is priceless...

KD said...

I agree w/Ace, mandatory socks for all!!!! I LOVE the look (kudos Reed Johnson! Not only are you a stud player, but you're quite the fashionista!).