Rivals Romp 'Round....Rhicago?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rivals Romp 'Round....Rhicago?

. Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colby Rasmus' teammates congratulate him for accepting the triple-dog-dare to lick the frozen flag pole

Tonight was an awful night for Chicago teams against their rivals.  Not only did the Cubs lose to the Cards and the Hawks lose to the Wings, but the WAIW quiz team (and significant others (when applicable)) lost to traditional trivia rivals Mardis Gras Cowboys (by a damn point).  Only a few weeks ago, the Cubs beat the Cards, and the Bulls and Hawks won their playoff games on one great Saturday.  Today marks the exact opposite (with our quiz night replacing the Bulls, obviously) and is a low point for Chicago sports (and knowledge!) fans.  As for the Cubs, it was one of those nights where we couldn't get anything going, with only 3 hits for the game.  

I don't know what is weirder, the ball kiss or the missing foot

For what it's worth, Lilly had a solid game, just no run support.  He only allowed 4 hits and 3 earned runs, and the Cards as a team only had 5 hits.  That makes 8 total hits for the game.  One could argue that is a sweet pitching duel, but if the score isn't tied, the duel isn't quite as intriguing.  This is the equivalent of being the first person out of a game of Risk.  You sit there and watch people go back and forth without much happening.  3 hours later, the game is over, and no one is fulfilled.    

Yadier Molina, showing why he is nicknamed "Vagina Back"

Wednesday's game had Carpenter and Ankiel returning for the Cards.  I'm hoping Carpenter is a bit rusty and we can rebound from an offensive showing thinner than Fiona Apple (that's right, a Fiona Apple reference...deal with it).  

P.S.  Recapping a game that nothing positive for the Cubs happened and I didn't watch is harder than not seeing white trash at Great America.  


KD said...

Sweet Fiona Apple reference, Steve. :)

My only hope for tonight's game is that after a game where the offense takes the night off, the bats typically come alive the next night. Right? RIGHT? Here's hoping anyway...I will be at the game tonight, in my Cubbie blue, hopefully bringing the boys some luck....fingers crossed for a rusty Carpenter.

Jen said...

Vagina Back!!!

I see your Great America white trash...and I raise you Eureka, Mo for a little Six Flags St. Louis mullet-mayhem. (WAIW field trip?)

J.J. said...

Rusty Carpenter, Vagina Back, and Amber Alert Ankiel. We should be able to beat these guys!

KD said...

I'm IN for the white trash Eureka, MO field trip!!!! ;)

Steve said...

KD - thanks for the compliments on my fiona reference - though when I made it I must admit I was feeling like a criminal (ba-zing!)

Jen - VB was for you, glad you enjoyed it! you are on a role suggesting WAIW event - though I think you may be on to something. Six Flags next time they are down at the Cards may happen, let's keep that on the back burner and discuss at a later date.

JJ - Amber Alert Ankiel...I love it!

KD (again) - see comment to Jen.

Louise said...

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Steve said...

cubs zone. cubs ZONE. CUBS ZONE!

John said...


Why do I feel like Louise left this comment elsewhere by means of Ctrl+V? Or worse yet, she's an automated comment robot? Steve, board the windows! I'll get the shotgun!

Jen said...

Cubs Zone, you don't say??? I think I'll head over to this Cubs Zone right away. I'd love to check out some of these videos at Cubs Zone. I bet everybody who's anybody is at Cubs Zone.