Marshall Picks up 3rd Win, God 2nd Save

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Marshall Picks up 3rd Win, God 2nd Save

. Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is Sean Marshall: a) drying is bat b) wetting his bat c) itching his clap

Last night we saw the first complete game by a Cubs pitcher (albeit with the game called in the 6th inning, it is the equivalent of winning by the slaughter rule in RBI Baseball – it’s a whole new ballgame once you take out your starting pitcher). That being said, in addition to solid pitching, Marshall also made some great defensive plays and got an RBI (after rubbing the magic stick, as depicted above). It’s amazing how good this team can be if we exclude our bullpen from a game. If MLB switched their rules to my softball league, where the game is seemingly called at random by some pissed off umpire (granted we did give up 17 runs in the first inning, but I feel we were on the verge of a comeback), we would be unstoppable.

This message is blatant propaganda from the #2 agenda: #2 on the bat, #2 on the jersey, and a big #2 on the swing

Tuesday’s game also marked the second time we got a win due it being shortened because of rain. In my opinion, it couldn’t have come at a better time, with the 8 game losing streak and all. If it is cheap, so be it. When you lose 8 in a row, you stop caring about purity of the game, and just want a damn win. It was nice to see a balanced attack, with everyone contributing. Being the ever optimist, I think catching a break last night will help us spur a winning streak, with the rubber match against the Pirates and the Manny-less Dodgers coming in over the weekend (in which Juan Pierre is inexplicably hitting over .400…guess we can’t win them all…at least we don’t have Craig Monroe batting clean-up!), I hope to God (and his perfect save record) we can go on a little run. I know people say it’s still early, but we are over a quarter through the season, so that excuse is just about over.