Joe Morgan: Drinking on the Job

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Joe Morgan: Drinking on the Job

. Sunday, May 31, 2009

For years, watching Sunday Night Baseball meant having to endure Jon Miller and Joe Morgan rambling about who knows what.  It is bittersweet.  You like the national attention, but loath having to listen to the national broadcasters.  The ESPN crew especially gets under my skin.  For all these years, I assumed Joe Morgan's nonsense and repeated stories were just his qualities as a broadcaster.  That all changed tonight, when they cut to a shot in the booth.  If you notice, next to the bottle of water, there is an image familiar to all of us that have been to Cubs games: plastic cup, amber liquid.  It all makes so much sense.  Joe Morgan drinks throughout the game.  He displays the same characteristics as I do when drinking:

- Boastful of past accomplishments

- Repeats stories that everyone has heard

- Will talk for several minutes without making any actual sense

So this explains so much.  Joe Morgan is a lush.  See a closeup of the brewski after the jump.


Corey said...

Wow. Impressive work, guys.
Nothing gets past the fellas at WAIW.

Steve said...

consider it part of my audition to get on Hard Copy (do they still make that anymore?!)

KD said...

WAIW is always reporting the late breaking news, getting to the heart of the matter. Great work guys. And makes SO much more sense. Think you can launch an investigation to prove Al Hraboski and/or Mike Shannon are tanked when they're doing Cards broadcasts? Do you accept this challenge?

Jen said...

Excellent work, indeed. But I still bet you never sound as bad as Joe Morgan no matter how sloshed you are.

wpbc said...

great job fellas.

wolfie said...

I shared this post with a friend of mine, and while we both appreciated the fine journalism, he felt it was important that we not give Joe any outs. Steve, you are a boastful, repetitive, senseless, drunk - and we like it that way. Joe Morgan is just a jack-ass.

Steve said...

haha wolfie - thats true. no excuses should be given for mr. morgan.