If Your Harden Lasts For More Than 7 Innings, Please Consult Your Bullpen

Thursday, May 7, 2009

If Your Harden Lasts For More Than 7 Innings, Please Consult Your Bullpen

. Thursday, May 7, 2009

Since Quentin Tarantino took over director's duties, the Cubs stylistic cinematography has had critics raving "cross between Reservoir Dogs and The Sandlot"

It’s amazing what happens when a majority of your all-stars are back in the lineup.  With the exception of Derrek Lee, whose neck spasms were acting up after the flight from Chicago to Houston (Really?! The flight?  It’s not like they are flying Southwest here and Derrek was late for the online check-in and  ended up in the depths of C 57 boarding territory, stuck sitting in between Soto and Zambrano.  This is the most egregious injury since Sammy Sosa missed a month for sneezing), Ramirez, Bradley, Soriano and Soto all returned to the roster after having yesterday off.  I understand Lou’s desire to rest players, but do you need to rest everyone on the same day?  Also, did Ramirez really need a day off?  He has played what, 10 games this season?  Anyway, with the aforementioned back, the Cubs got off to a hot start and the outcome of the game was never really in question.

"I'm gonna make you squeal like a pig"

The damage began in the first, when Reed Johnson cleared the bases on a triple that got lost on the grassy knoll that the people of Texas seem to think is appropriate for a baseball diamond.  He later scored on a passed ball (which, incidentally, he did twice in the game – that’s like beating the same person using the three corners strategy in tic-tac-toe over and over, ya, it is fun to win but shouldn’t this be a little more competitive?) to make it 4-0, and after that, you could just tell that Houston didn’t have a shot.  

Much like with the umpire, Bradley failed to make significant contact throughout the game

Harden looked pretty solid, though 7+ innings is way too much for him.  You can tell things got shaky as he gave up a couple in the bottom of the 8th.  That being said, you hope for 5 out of the guy, so 7 is a gift that allows you to use the ideal finish for a game, Marmol setting up in the 8th and Gregg closing out the 9th.  Both were able to cruise through their respective batters and give us our 5th win in 6 games.  Hopefully we can get our “sweep” and move onto Milwaukee, who just finished beating up John Mayer meets Nickleback to the tune of 9 runs in the 1st inning.  If Ted Lilly pitches the way he has been thus far this year, it should be a breeze tomorrow and we can keep up this good momentum.  And if he gets in trouble, hopefully he will just switch to using his right hand.  


Kat said...

Harden really looked good last night but looks even better today over at Cubblogging. Call me biased but any blog that puts pics of the hotties in their undies up is Aces in my book!

Jen said...

See Steve, who needs clever titles when you have clubhouse undies shots?

Steve said...

which is why we are changing the direction of the site to show nothing but D&A (what i can only imagine the male equivalent of T&A to be). the people have spoken.