Giants Beat Cubs B-Team

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Giants Beat Cubs B-Team

. Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is what happens when the drummer from Hanson started listening to Joy Division

Today's game showed we were pretty much happy with the 4 wins in a row and wanted to rest some of the regulars.  Any game that you have Joey Gathright, Aaron Miles, Bobby Scales and Koyie Hill as your starters (that's right, half of the positions players aren't regulars), you are pretty much just saying we respect your ace and will call it a day.  I feel bad for the people with tickets for today's game - its like going to see Letterman but forgetting that he just had heart surgery and all of the sudden Regis Philbin came out form backstage...ya, they are all professionals, but there is a huge difference in quality.  That being said, I can see what Lou did, and given the issues with health this year, sometimes just throwing in the towel is the best strategy. 

This was the only picture featuring a Cubs player available, and I totally could've made a killer Crocodile Miles joke

With that, this quick series against the Giants is over.  It almost seems embarrassing to host someone from as far away as San Francisco and only have them stay for a night.  It's like we were used by some old college buddy on a road trip.  Gave them a place to stay for the night, something to do in the afternoon, and sent them on there way.  But despite today's "set back", we are playing solid baseball and hopefully can continue the trend against back-to-back NL Central rivals.  With that, it brings up our third 2-game series of the year.  I'm not a big fan of the 2-game series, as it always seems anti-climatic - a sweep seems cheap and a split seems uneventful.  Either way, we have been gaining on the Cards and finally look to be hitting our stride.  That's why we never worry here at WAIW.