Cubs Sweep, On Account of Astro's Suckiness

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cubs Sweep, On Account of Astro's Suckiness

. Friday, May 8, 2009

Awkwardness spans all ethnicities 

Anytime you can get the opposing starting pitcher to last 2.1 innings, you got to like your chances.  It’s like playing Jim Abbott in rock-paper-scissors – ya, there is still a chance to win, but it’s hard when your short-handed (ba-zing!).  While it was back and forth in the early going, as Ted Lilly struggled to open the game, the Cubs took over in the 3rd and controlled the rest of the game, despite Chad Fox doing his best Chad Fox impression and making us remember why he is a 38 year old in the minor leagues (The Rookie called, they want their plotline back). 

Fed up, Lance Berkman goes back to his original career: NASCAR driving, country music star

While Bob Brenly inexplicably gave the Player of the Game to Ted Lilly, John and I agree that robbing Soriano of this prestigious award is ridiculous (I hope the good people of Feldco know they are sponsoring a FARCE!).  2 home runs in a game is surely deserving of glory presented by windows, siding and doors, but I will accept Ted Lilly earning it for getting his 4th win of the season. 

Miquel Tejada celebrates his first home run of the season with a rousing rendition of "I Believe I Can Fly" 

Also of note is this is our first “sweep” of the season, despite the cheapness of the affair.  We are starting to click offensively, starting pitching has looked solid, but the bullpen is still a cause for concern.  While Marmol and Gregg are getting into a groove, and Heilman has been relatively consistent, anytime anyone else gets called in its like playing Russian Roulette, except the cylinder has 5 bullets loaded instead of 1.  Yes, we might somehow survive, but odds are we are going to blow our brains out.  Ok.  That was a bit dramatic.  But seriously, we need better pitchers.