Cubs Media Monday: Ka-BOOOOOOOOOOM

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cubs Media Monday: Ka-BOOOOOOOOOOM

. Monday, May 18, 2009

Sometimes just one brilliant moment can cement an otherwise mediocre player or team. Don Baylor's 2000 Cubs were a 97-loss paragon of ineptitude. They may have not been the suckiest sucks who ever sucked (there's a lot of competition for that title, even franchise-wide), but they certainly tried to be. Glenallen Hill was gigantic to the point he looked like a comic book supervillain, and his defense earned him the nickname "The Juggler." He once went on the DL after he had a nightmare about spiders and threw himself down the stairs. Yet both forgettable Cubs team and forgettable Cubs player are forever preserved in fond memory due to the event portrayed below:

Further thoughts on the matter, following the jump.

No matter how many times I watch that video, my eyes always go wide when I hear the sound the bat makes as it hits the very soul of of Steve Woodard. Other thoughts:

- How bad is the announcing here? My memory is a little fuzzy, but I believe the team in the booth at the time was Chip Caray and Steve Stone. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, they begin with insipid talk about shoes, and then after witnessing perhaps the most impressive home run in Wrigley history, manage to bring the shoe talk full circle by spouting a catch phrase that was tired even back then.

- If you're wondering, we of course lost this game 14-8 to a mediocre Brewers team (Is there any other kind? Hey-O!). It seems like every time something astounding happens at Wrigley, the Cubs end up on the losing end.

- I'd really love to be able to hear the internal monologue of the guys on that roof. "Wow, he got that one good! Wait, is it ... nah ... whoaa ... HOLY SHIT ... OHMYGODOHMYGOD ... WOOOO!"

- Ever since I found this video, I've been spending an inordinate amount of time wondering what ever became of that ball. I'd take that over a milestone home run ball any day.

- The Cubs used 6 (SIX!!) pitchers this day, and despite having been a Cubs fan since childhood, I do not recognize any of their names today.

- Though I couldn't track down the video, I do recall another time where Hill checked his swing and ended up holding just the broken handle of the bat in his hands. The broken upper half of his bat traveled across the plate, so they called it a strike after much bemused debate. Glenallen Hill literally snapped a bat with just a check swing, and yet denies to this day that he ever used performance-enhancing drugs. We won't disagree with him, for obvious reasons.

- Who batted cleanup for the Boys in Blue this day? None other than career .234 hitter Willie Greene. And we boo Derrek Lee?


thisyearcub said...

I watched the video first before I clicked on the jump. First thing I thought: "Man, the announcing was bad back then." And then laughed when I read the rest and that was one of the items.

I guess Chip Caray had me fooled, because I actually could tolerate him back then. Of course, 2000 was my junior year in college, so I also could have just been that drunk the entire time.

Corey said...

Thanks for posting that video. I had forgotten about that.

I had to watch it a few times and eventually turn down the volume because that announcing was just terrible. Anyone that criticizes Len and Bob needs to listen to that clip. Give me Len's cookie monster homerun calls over that.

Anonymous said...

That was Dan Roan with Chip Carey - might have been Rosh Hashanah or YK and he was filling-in for Steve Stone.

John said...

Much obliged. Whatever the case with Stone, the Caray/Roan combo was painful.

Anonymous said...

remember the check swing broken bat thing. I watched it live and was like holy shit! I wish the video was online.