Cubs 6 - Padres 2: If We Cannot Have You, Peavy, We Must Destroy You

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cubs 6 - Padres 2: If We Cannot Have You, Peavy, We Must Destroy You

. Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Milton Bradley, Henry Blanco, and the "It's a Wonderful Life" version of God admire Bradley's go-ahead home run in the 6th inning.

Last night's game started as an exercise in frustration and ended in a clinic in how to high-five strangers. It's never good when you're just settling in with a hot dog and your starting pitcher is giving up a long-gone home run to left in the top of the 1st. Such was my situation last night as the girlfriend and I settled into section 504, row 6.

Harden, depressed about the Calgary Flames, throws a fist-inning home run to piss off Blackhawks fans

Interesting side note - this was the fist game in longer than I can remember where I didn't partake in a cold Old Style. This week is full of things I have to do for grad school, so last week I said "self, no beer until after the exam next Saturday," to which self declined to remind me of my tickets to the game. But indeed I kept my word to self, and went beerless for the first time in memory (games attended as a minor notwithstanding). So what do you do when you don't have beer to settle down with for 9 innings? This:

Note my spelling of Blanco's name - B,L,A,N,C, and a heart for the O

With the way that the wind was blowing out and the fact that Peavy was enticing Cubs hitters into strikeouts and weak grounders (didn't even give up a fly ball out until the 3rd), it looked like curtains for Harden and the Cubs. I was getting mentally ready to comment about how we'd seen a dominant Peavy outing at Wrigley, but that he was wearing the wrong uniform, blah blah blah. Give the Cubs credit, their hitters kept chipping away, and eventually took 3 off of Peavy with some great tandem work by Soriano and Fukudome, who both went all 3 for 5 up in the Padres shit.

Fun fact: Did you know that Kosuke Fukduome is not only our first Japanese player, but also the only player on the team fluent in Japanese?

First inning miscues aside, Cubs pitching was excellent last night. Harden gave up 4 hits and 2 runs over six, and the bullpen (Heilman, Marmol, Gregg) gave up a single hit and walk between them in 3 innings. At the time, Heilman's inning was a much bigger deal that it looks like in the box score - the Cubs were clinging to a 1-run lead, and he gave up a leadoff single that led to a steal and a runner in scoring position. From there, he induced two weak infield outs and a pop-out to Soriano. This is what we were hoping he could do every time (coughcoughlastFridaycough). Marmol and Gregg both looked dominant in securing the win, but only Marmol brought the funk with his entrance song. Which gives me an excuse to post this video.

On the offensive side, Bradley gave the Cubs the lead, but appeared a mite dickish about getting cheered right after the boos that he and Derrek Lee (newly back and mostly awful at the plate) received for leaving a runner on 3rd with no outs in the 4th. He cupped his hand to his ear as the crowd roared for his batting practice-distance homer. Fair enough - I think most people who boo at Wrigley are assholes who haven't earned the right. I bet they don't even know who Brant Brown is.

The guy to the far right is really into Bobby Scales. Like, scary into him.

I'm going to give an entire paragraph here to Bobby Scales. His first pitch solo homer in the 7th gave the Cubs much-needed breathing room, and after hearing how he was choked up after his first career hit at Wrigley last week after 10 years in the minors, I'll cheer for anything he does. Apparently, his story is spreading, because as he rounded the bases at a speed indicative of someone not used to hitting big league homers, I heard people furtively telling his story all around my section. Here's to you, Bobby Scales. I'll crack an Old Style to you the minute this damnnable self-imposed prohibition lifts.

Other business:

- At one point last night, Bob was a hair away from snagging a foul ball that was hit up toward the booth. It's nice to see him stretch out for one, whereas most fans faced with the opportunity look like Glenallen Hill fielding a one-hopper on a minefield.

- I know that Cubs blogdom is pretty much in agreement on the hatred of 7th inning stretch guest conductors, but Northwestern football coach Pat Fitzgerald wasn't a bad choice. If they could do things like last night and keep it more Chicago-centric as opposed to Hollywood-centric, then I could live with guest conductors.

- Some guy sitting behind me last night got unerasonably angry at the left field bleachers throwing the ball back. "Grrrrr ... KEEP the gawddamm ball!" he yelled. This guy, dear friends, sucks. If you see him, tell him that I told you so.

Is it me, or does Bobblehead Ernie kind of look like a rube?

- Ernie Banks bobblehead promotion last night, which is sweet, but which also means that I got to the park 2 hours beforehand. Did you know food is significantly cheaper before the hour leading up to the game? I had once known this, but had forgotten. Try it sometime - getting charged less than the amount on the menu board makes you feel like you're in some magical version of Wrigley Field.


wolfie said...

'Twas a beautiful night for a ballgame indeed.

Yep, my thoughts on Peavy went from, "Boo-hoo, he's supposed to be ours!!!" to "BITE ME loser!"

Just kidding Jake, you're awesome and we'll take you.

Also, I couldn't get myself to route against 'ol Hank White. He's too cool for school, and probably prison.

Lastly, if we called Henry Blanco Hank White, can we start calling Carlos Marmol Chucky Marble(s)?

Kat said...

i love wins and i love it when they're done against the Ace of the other team's pitchers.

Sarah Ellen said...

I was there, too!!