Cubs 11 - Padres 3: The Bobby Scales Show

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cubs 11 - Padres 3: The Bobby Scales Show

. Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bobby Scales is afraid that he's going to wake up from this dream and find Patrick Duffy in the shower

Baseball is a team game, illustrated by the fact that a team with a coveted Cy Young-winning pitcher and perhaps the best hitter in the NL at the moment was thoroughly embarrassed by the Cubs over this 3 game series, who outscored the Padres 23-9.

Reed Johnson, bringing baseball and yoga together at last

No matter what his future with the team, it's clear that Bobby Scales has made it. It's not the aw-shucks humble interviews with local media, it's not the solid play at the plate, and it's not even the outpouring of love from Cubs blogs far and wide. It's Lou referring to him in interviews as "Scalesie." After today's 2 double, 4 RBI day, I shall also be calling him Scalesie. And if he keeps this up for the rest of the season, my love for his hitting might get to the point where if he came over, I'd give him one of my Shiner Bocks and let him play as Blackhawks on NHL 09. But let's not get crazy here.

"Scalesie has been looking good today. Of course, so have Dempstie, Reedie, and Fukudome ... ie."

Dempster Baby looked solid today as well. If you can believe it, this game was at one point a Dempster/Gaudin duel. No shit. Of course, the Gaudin burned through 102 pitches (54 strikes) in 4 1/3 and fell apart like a fat guy with low self-esteem on a Gordon Ramsay reality show. Meanwhile, the Canadian lasted a full 7 before giving way to Jose Ascanio (who, homer aside, looked solid), or as I call him, Venezuelan Kevin Gregg. I mean, look at this picture:

Jose Ascanio just barely had time to pack up his Magic: The Gathering cards before making the trip from Iowa

A great day all around. We're now tied with every team not named the Pirates or the Astros for first in the division. Wrigleyville23 informs us that this gives us a start that's so far one game better than last year. Bet you weren't expecting that. Hopefully we can add at least 2 more to that win total against the Astros this weekend. Watch tomorrow's Moehler/Wells matchup, and be sure to check for signs of ROMS.


Kat said...

wonder if Jen from cubblogging will end up with "a thing" for Gascan like she does Greggers. (it's the whole superman/clark kent thing