Conspiracy Theory: Bank of America, Black Crowes Hate Cubs

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Conspiracy Theory: Bank of America, Black Crowes Hate Cubs

. Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ergo: the Cubs = America

A colleague of mine was looking to do a little online banking on a fine weekday.  A standard task during work hours for all.  Looking to start a new account, he decided to check out Bank of America.  What was found was shocking, and we here at WAIW aren't sure how deep this goes (that's what she said).  We will show you the offensive image, and what our research has found, after the jump.

St. Louis Cardinals pissed in the snow - but hey, you gotta pee somewhere while drunk driving

As I mentioned, my co-worker was looking for Bank of America.  Naturally, he typed in  What was discovered was a giant picture outside Busch Stadium with "Cubs Suck" in giant letters.  A click on the photo revealed an odd collection of Black Crowes links (which has oddly been maintained for the past 14 years - and copyrighted for some unknown reason?!) and a link to Sasha's Wine Bar in St. Louis.  So we call to you, WAIW.  Not only should you ban Sasha's Wine Bar (website proudly designed on Anglefire), but we are calling for a Black Crowes album burning (after all, this the most outrageous thing since the Beatles said they were bigger than Jesus).  But be warned, there is no telling who is behind this!


Erin said...

Being a Cub fan living in St. Louis, I received about 20 emails with that pic this winter. Apparently, it's really funny. But if you'll notice, that's a picture of "Ballpark Village" next to Busch Stadium. However, there is no actual "Ballpark Village" even though it was supposed to be completed like 3 years ago. They are laying some sod on the area right now to prepare for the All-Star Game. So it's no longer a mudpit like it's been the last couple seasons. Losers.

Steve said...

erin. i feel your pain. that "ballpark" village looks sweet. is that where cardinal fans do doughnuts in their trucks after a game?