Cardinals 3 - Cubs 1: 27 Innings, 2 Runs. Please Welcome Your Washington Nationals

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cardinals 3 - Cubs 1: 27 Innings, 2 Runs. Please Welcome Your Washington Nationals

. Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sweet Lou, on his way to drop a deuce in the hitting coach's locker

I know I usually try to add some sort of perspective to the game, but what can I say but "game sucked, Cubs can't hit"? For the third damn time in 3 games. We just got swept by the Cardinals. You'd think that given the good pitching we had, we might be able to outscore - in at least one game out of three - a team that we exceed in payroll by tens of millions. So that Cardinals skid - losing 7 out of 9 before our series - appears to be over. If it's not, and they continue to struggle, then we must come to terms with the fact that we might just suck.

Words from a baseball sage: "The fuck's wrong with you, dumbass?"

One might be tempted to look to the South Side for solace, where a team that had successfully traded for the most lusted-after pitcher in baseball were both rejected by the player and beaten 20-1 by their divisional rivals. But taking joy in the failure of our city rivals would be a dickish move worthy of a Sox fan. So yes, I'm glad the Peavy deal fell through, but no, it doesn't make me feel better about this team playing like refried ass. Tomorrow we begin a series against the Padres, and Z comes back. Hope springs eternal, even when you should know better.


J.J. said...

I can't accept the fact that the Cubs just suck. This has to be the baseball Gods messing with us, right? Giving us some humility before the Cubs win the WS? Yeah, long time Cubs fan. Can you tell?

KD said...

For me, the worst part is that they got swept by the CARDINALS. The effin CARDINALS. Do you know how much it sucks being a Cubs fan living in St. Louis right now? I'll tell you how much-a LOT.

Here's hoping they can get it together agains the Padres, although, you know, the Padres don't really lose at home, so......

wolfie said...

re: ROTY

Nixon cost Frost over half a mil. Becky will cost John significantly more.

John said...

Set it up. We'll use our vast koozie fortune.