Cardinals 2 - Cubs 1: Oh, Come ONNNN!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cardinals 2 - Cubs 1: Oh, Come ONNNN!

. Thursday, May 21, 2009

I suspect that last night's crappy loss is the closest I'll get this year to watching an NBA game. Nothing mattered until the last 10 minutes. Normally, I'd enjoy a pitcher's duel, but this was something else. This was as close as I've seen the Cubs come to actively choosing not to hit. First, they couldn't get at Mike Brown of baseball. Fine enough. Then they couldn't push a run past three different Cardinals relievers until finally getting close enough to break your heart in the 9th. Pitchers duel my ass - this was straight up crap from our boys. And everyone's to blame - not a Cub hitter yet has managed a multi-hit night in this series. And once again, we're in the familiar territory of trying to avoid a sweep by a bitter division rival. I mean, I'm pissed, but if I were Ryan Dempster, I'd be way more pissed.

Milton Bradley, displaying all the baserunning skills of an epileptic 9-year old in a chocolate-stained Pokemon shirt in the Cook County Special People's T-Ball League

I'm not going to cast too much blame Reed Johnson's way, he just got the short end of the stick. I'd always want him up there with the game on the line. Hell, he single-handedly won us a couple of games last year. But shit, I wish he didn't have to end it on a strikeout. He probably sent home ecstatic that stadium full of over-the-hill strippers and lonely diesel mechanics who can't live within 200 yards of a school. Sorry Reed, make up for it tonight. Or just someone do it. Anyone. We're begging.

No, Kosuke, the ball is behind you
Sometimes it just isn't much fun to recap these things. But we do it anyway, because we take the good with the bad and are eagerly planning to watch a Cubs victory this evening. Otherwise, we might as well throw on an upside-down and backwards visor and pull on our "Cardinals Take It In the Pujols" shirts.


Bree said...

seriously, what happened?

Steve said...


where the hell have you been?

KD said...

Amen Brotha.
I witnessed that crap in person last night....I'm pretty sure at one point I actually fell asleep...that is, until one Neal Cotts starting warming up....luckily, we didn't have to endure that, but what the hell would it have mattered?

Hoping the Cubbies don't let poor Sean Marshall down today.....

Steve said...

its been a string of ineptitude this week. i blame myself. i haven't watched a game, with trivia and softball going on. tonight, i have a bowling league captains meeting (what the hell are they discuss?!), but that should be over shortly and i will be able to watch the cubs resume their winning ways.

Bree said...

i'm still here! down in florida! drowning in some epic rainstorms and a sea of work... but alas, i have not strayed. i read every single post through RSS, even when i get them twice. (what's up with that?)

J.J. said...

Really nothing at all funny about that game last night, but I do love your caption for MB. It made me laugh out loud.