Weekend Recap: Now is the Time for Unreasoned Panic

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Recap: Now is the Time for Unreasoned Panic

. Monday, April 27, 2009

Dempster participates in a rousing game of Pogs with Molina

If you were to gauge how this weekend went solely from the reaction of the Chicago sports media, you might perhaps think that we were swept on a 45-3 aggregate, and that a meteor hit Wrigley Field. Injuries cast a pall over the proceedings, but the truth is that the Cubs lost a heartbreaker, gave away a chance on Saturday, and then put in an ass-kicking of their own to save an game Sunday. Not ideal, but I'm not jumping off this ship - the bandwagon seems to be lighter, however. Strangely enough, Fukudome's consistent hitting and Rich Harden's healthy shoulder salvaged some of the weekend for our Boys in Blue.

Good old Charlie Brown hasn't aged very well

Friday saw an Albert Pujols steal set up the winning run in the bottom of the 8th. I'm quickly beginning to hate Ryan Ludwick most, now that Ankiel is off the elephant hormones and back to hitting like crap. The Cubs had their chances, but were unable to salvage Dempster's decent outing (6.0 IP, 7H, 3ER). Heilman looked good, and Marmol broke himself temporarily while taking the loss. The real story of the day was Alfonso Soriano hitting 3rd, a role he played to a combined 1-8 over Friday and Saturday. Add Lou's tinkering to the unfortunate injuries, and you have a perfect storm of Cubs fan panic before April is over.

"Here, let me take that before you hurt yourself with it."

Saturday, we have to be honest, was the least-scrutinized game of this series. The memory of the game ... well, it tails off near the end. One thing that is unfortunately burned into memory is the sight of David Patton slinging a fat pitch down the middle of the plate to Albert Pujols with the bases loaded with the Cubs trailing by 2. Game over, man. Game over.

With the threat of a sweep, the Cubs jumped all over Todd Wellemeyer for 6 runs (5 earned) in five innings. The Kosuke Fukudome show (3-4, 5 RBI on his 32nd birthday) continued on, testing the limits of how long I can hold my breath and hope that nothing changes. Who expected that Fuku would be carrying the lineup for stretches as Soto, Bradley, and the entire 2nd base platoon whiffed through April?

Derrek Lee left the game with neck spasms after hitting a double to the wall, inciting more hysterical panic than a witch in 17th century Massachusetts. Soriano was (and will forever be) back at the top of the lineup. I'm willing to accept that. He even remained in the game after taking a pitch to the helmet in the 2nd, which at this point is not what we would expect.

Healthier than half our team ... whoa

Rich Harden ran his record to 2-1 with 9 Ks in 6 innings and one retaliatory fastball to the ass of Albert Pujuols. The bullpen was again shaky (Heilman notwithstanding), with Cotts sucking in a non-pressure situation (1H, 1BB, 1ER, 5.40 ERA) and Kevin Gregg giving up a solid leadoff hit and a bloop before a fortuitous double play bailed him out.

Right in the ass! Ha!

I'm not panicking - this Cubs team is insanely talented and hopefully able to win through adversity. But just for fun, let's take a look at the injured list:

- Derrek Lee (Neck spasms)
- Milton Bradley (Strained groin, hyperextended feelings)
- Aramis Ramirez (Football in the Groin)
- David Patton (Night Terrors)
- Geovany Soto (WBC HPV)
- Neal Cotts (Acute Littlegirlarm)


KD said...

OMG, the list of injuries made me laugh. Can we add to that the fact that the very presence of Neal Cotts gives us Cubs fans night terrors? What about OUR injury list? Is he at AAA yet? I mean, seriously.....

John said...

Done and done. Can't believe I forgot Cottsy.

KD said...

Thank you very much. :)