Weekend Recap: Doodoo on Brew Crew, Phew!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Recap: Doodoo on Brew Crew, Phew!

. Monday, April 13, 2009

Ricky Weeks finds out the hard way that the result of the snow storm in New York was 'the lights went out'

The Cubs took 2 out of 3 against the hate-more-every-day Brewers, moving us to 4-2 for the year. Game 1 saw Harden pitch a solid effort, which he, per the terms of his contract, is not allowed to receive the credit of a win. Similar to last year, his teammates wanted to avoid any legal ramifications for Rich's Breach (coincidentally, I believe that is the name of the new John Grisham), and let the Brewers come back after a 2-run homer from the Axx Man put us ahead in the top of the 6th. All was smooth sailing until Gregg came in for the save (TLFC has been polling on what the extra "G" is for; may I submit "Glaucoma"?). Piss poor play all around led to the Brewers winning on an in-field hit in which Hill couldn't apply the tag on Ricky Weeks (though his temper tantrum rivaled one I put on when my Mom wouldn't buy me a Splinter action figure at Venture). And with that, the Cubs lost, and the closer debate officially began.

In a questionable display of camaraderie, Soriano evidently dedicates his 3rd home run to Koyie Hill

The second game of the series marked Zambrano's return to Miller Park for the first time since he and Ike conspired to no-hit the Astros last year. He did not no-hit the Brewers. Not to say he had a bad game, but with the current state of our bullpen, I want to see Z going more than 6. What is going on in Lou's head that he would pull Z at this point? (Note: I was about to go on a tirade about why Lou would pull Z at this point; I got approximately 3 sentences in when I looked at the stats and realized he had already thrown 118 pitches.) Lou had no choice but to pull Zambrano, and then left the remainder of the game up to the likes of Guzman and Cotts, who might as well be replaced by a tee. Luckily, Soriano has been on a roll, and hit a 2-run go-ahead homer in the top of the 9th. This saw an interesting move by Lou, bringing in Marmol over Gregg. Marmol proceeded to deliver his widespread message of filth, and picked up his first save of the year. Additionally, he spawned more text message between WAIW staff concerning when Marmol will take over (conclusion: longer than 2 weeks, before the year is over; thank goodness I have unlimited messaging or this conversation to bring us to an ultimate decision of "sometime" would've cost me hundreds of dollars).

The Brewers connect with another Angel Guzman offering

The rubber match on Sunday gave us Dempster's magic show. The pitching on both sides of this game were awful, not being able to consistently hit the strike zone all night. I have been wondering about this decision for a bit now. Why wouldn't we have Ted Lilly going #2, so he gets the start on the road with Dempster getting the start at home, where both are respectively better? This brings the tally up to 186 of reasons in which I would be a better manager than anyone ever. That being said, Dempster was able to squeak out a win, namely due to the Walk Parade (trademark pending on-going litigation with AARP) that the Brewers allowed in the 4th.

Unfortunately, the ball got stuck and Malibu was unable to turn the double play

Of course, it was not all dandelions and puppy dogs, and Milton Bradley hurt himself jogging (proving once again that I am a better athlete...once every couple of months). He was removed from the game with "groin tightness" which is reportedly the same reason production was halted on the latest Ron Jeremy vehicle. Lou went on to say that it was precautionary and they are glad he didn't pull anything. Which is true, after all, no one has been happy with a groin pull since grade school.

The Cubs head trainer, Mr. Miyagi, tends to an injured Milton Bradley

The Bradley injury actually played quite the pivotal role in the outcome of the game, as his replacement was Reed Johnson, who went to play right. He came in, and made one of the best home-run robbing catches I've seen, taking away Prince Fielder's first grand slam. I will give credit to Fielder though, as he tipped his cap to Reed which honestly gave me respect for the guy. The game ended with a way too close for comfort showing from Gregg, in which Prince Fielder was at-bat representing the tying run. Miraculously, he was able to get him out on strikes, preserving the Cubs win and second road series victory in a row.

Today is the day we have all been waiting for: Home Opener. There is worry about the rain, but John and I are going to brave it and hope they get the game in.


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