WAIW Salute: Bea Arthur

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WAIW Salute: Bea Arthur

. Sunday, April 26, 2009

Here at WAIW, we're unabashed devotees of the Golden Girls canon - the show itself, the crappy spinoff, the awful, awful movies that the cast appeared in. All of it. To the point where we've sort of made it our thing to be the only Cubs blog that runs Golden Girls obituaries.

Thank you for Bea-ing a friend
So it is with no little amount of sadness that we inform you today of the passing of Bea Arthur. She played Dorothy, the mean bastard of the bunch. A sort of lanky, female post-menopausal Lou Piniella, if you will. Her sarcasm was an early influence on WAIW's own "sarcastic and bitter" ethos. If you've never seen her reading of Pamela Anderson's erotic novel as part of her roast, then you're missing all sorts of sunshine and rainbows. Catch it after the jump.

So there you have it. I probably should have mentioned to stop before 5:50, where Bea Arthur saying "reach around" will inspire entirely new classes of night terrors. Take a moment today to remember a woman whose cynicism will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has cheered on the Boys in Blue.