WAIW Recruiting for New Talent

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WAIW Recruiting for New Talent

. Wednesday, April 1, 2009

As we approach the coming season, Steve and I have discussed the possibility of expanding the scope of our beloved Cubs blog. After a few beers and a few arguments back and forth, we've decided that WAIW should expand to cover the entirety of the wonderful baseball city that is Chicago. We really should just put it plain - we're declaring ourselves as in the market for a ... cough ... White Sox blogger. Please, before you fly off the handle, consider our position. We're trying to grow in our second year, and like it or not, White Sox nation comprises about half (okay, maybe 35-40 percent) of Our Fair City. They've got their own history that, while reviled by the good people in Cubbie Blue, stacks up well against Johnny Come Lately towns like Phoenix, Tampa, or Denver. It would be short-sighted of us to ignore that.

Olive branch ... like a motherfucker

Please recognize that Steve and I are not going to be suddenly switching allegiances or scrutinizing the statistics of Carlos Quentin, Mark Buerhle, or Lance Broadway. We don't like them. We're just looking to find someone who, like us, sports a good-natured love for their team. Hopefully another mid-20s guy or gal with more than passing knowledge of Chicago bars and what OBPS means. We can maintain a good-natured rivalry while reaching out to both fan communities. Hell, maybe we'll even end up doubling our koozie line.

If you're interested in learning more about this glorious (unpaid) position, then click over to this snazzy form we've set up detailing what we're looking for.


Sam said...

but seriously i almost had a brain aneurysm reading that post.

Jen said...


I'm gonna level with you, for a minute there I was absolutely devastated.

KD said...

OMG, me too...I was skurred. And this post almost drove me to continue mixing my antibiotics w/tequila, like I was doing earlier tonight...... :)

Elaine said...

dammit! you guys were the only ones to fool me all day! i was seriously confused there for a while.