WAIW Pub Crawl: The Recap of Ridiculousness

Sunday, April 26, 2009

WAIW Pub Crawl: The Recap of Ridiculousness

. Sunday, April 26, 2009

For any of you that checked yesterday, you may have noticed some intense live-blogging going on.  I will now add a little flavor to what I was talking about.

.1st beers at luckys. Hot as hell. Better drink faster.
Party started in the front of Lucky's.  It was inexplicably quite crowded.  Must be the Man vs. Food crowd. For some reason, it was so hot for some unknown reason.


Wolfie just showed up. Time for ridiculousness.

Regular WAIW visitor Wolfie showed up.  Little did he know he would soon be eating a one pound sandwhich with John's parents.  Hey, it's a family affair over here at WAIW.


John: this is chris, he comments on our blog.

Chris: its what I do!!! (Jazz hands)

Every person that showed up, John would introduce Chris (aka Wolfie) as a guy that comments on the blog, as if that is the only thing he does.


Tracy just made me honorable wall paper on phone while doing my blog dance. Best day ever.

A picture of me in my snazzy pub crawl shirt made our friend Tracy's phone wallpaper.  Needless to say, I was proud.


"Cover your bases" because they never got to second base with a women. BURN!

This is in reference to the other bar crawl going on in Wrigley.  They had a crapload of people and corporate sponsorships.  Lame.  Needless to say we ridiculed anyone in that shirt.


Losers (including John) are discussing public policy. This bar crawl is a bust.

John wanted my to live-blog this to prove how intellectual we are.  I thought it sounded quite lame.


Jen: I'm not sure I can drink 9 beers in 9 innings.
John's mom: I shouldn't have had 9 before the game

Our friend Jen was a little nervous about her ability to keep up over the course of the game.  John's mom quickly put her in her place.


Outside at dark horse. Free sunglasses on.

John's sister, Sarah, gave me these sweet sunglasses.  They worked out nicely for the 8 minutes of sunlight we had.  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emily saved my life from falling down the ledge / cliff / no one else has suggestions.

One of the legs on my chair was very close to falling off of a ledge outside at Dark Horse.  It could've ended in disaster.


Warning!!!!!!! Next bar soooooooon!

A messagfe for all those people that are, ya know, looking on the blog for updates prior to leaving.  Dumbass.


These assholes are watching the penquins.

Somehow we overlooked the fact the The Dark Horse is a Pittsburgh Penquins bar, with almost every TV on the playoff game.  We got them to take the time to set up the outdoor projectors for us, which took a good 20 minutes, only to have us not be able to see anything due to the ambiant light.  Additionally, as soon as we left it started pouring rain again.  Oops.


She painted the pussy black

This is in reference to that sweet cat that was brought along, which turned into quite the hit.  Shoutout to Laura and Leslie for their contribution!


"I like watching track and field on TV...it makes me feel like I'm exercising."

For some reason, Merkle's had a TV on that was showing classic track and field instead of the Cubs.


"Fuck that guy."

John wanted to leave with 2 outs in the inning (which grew into the norm).  Instead, we started a 40 person chant and point saying "Fuck that guy" over and over.


Mexican sombraro and hawaiian shirt: totally necessary.



Got hit by a ball in the batting cages. Then earned 3 tickets in skee ball. Love sluggers!!!!!

I was, for some reason, standing on top of the plate and searching for where the mechanical arm was coming from.  Naturally, I got hit by a pitch.  I'm all that is man.


Leslie has a libido like you wouldn't believe.

Enough said.


I will crush your toes, asshole.

Hopefully someone can shed some light onto what this means in the comments section.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Got dugout to open just for us. Ridiculous.

My friend Meghan left Harry Caray's to go to the next bar, The Dugout, to get a head start.  She came back and told me that Dugout was closed.  This will not stand, man.  I went over there, and knocked on the door.  Three guys were sitting at the bar and said that they were closed.  I told them that I had contacted them saying we will be here and they said that we had responded saying all bars were already full.  I then said that we weren't that asshole corporate one, and if he will open, he will have 40 people spend a couple hundred bucks in twenty minutes and then leave. Needless to say, this worked.  We slammed the bar, played some flip cup, and went on our merry way.  Thanks to the Dugout for making it possible!


Get yours assssss up!

I suppose it was time to get yours assssss up.


Fuck leslie.

Sorry, Leslie.

Matt pissed.

I'm not sure if Matt was upset or if he went to the bathroom.


You are my dream son in law.

Not really sure.  I'm going to assume it was said by John's mom.  Or I said it for John's mom.  Either way, I agree.


FucKin kiv e bloggin



Jack andf coke deqak woth it.

I think Jack and cokes were on special, those the deal (or "deqak") was worth (or "woth") it.


Fuckin wasted

This is what happens at the 8 hour point.


We want thai food.

Unfortunately, it is 10:31 PM. 


Salt n pepper winding down the evening. Soup of the day: tomato.

Went to the diner after Bernie's.  I hadn't eaten for 13 hours, and was starving.  Evidently, the soup of the day was tomato.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hey frera jacquis, come to back to america.

John, explain this to me. 

That sums it up.  Thanks to everyone that came out.  We had a great time and hope you did too!


Angry Mike said...

Wish COI could have been a part of the crawl. I'm sure it was a blast.

Sometimes it doesn't pay to live in AZ.

KD said...

Loved your "play by play" yesterday, had me giggling during an otherwise crappy game..... :)

wolfie said...

In the spirit of Steve's blog speak:

was ass fun as iws wasted. lots and lots.

Seriously though, for someone who answered every "So who do you know?" with "Nobody. I just comment on the blog. No, seriously. I know, it's lame," I felt like a part of the crew from the get-go.

Great crowd, great family, great mayhem. A crawl for the ages. Well done sirs.

John said...

I miss your mom's disapproving comment.

Lauralee said...

My brilliant photos made it on the blog!