WAIW Effs Up Roundtable, Apologizes

Thursday, April 16, 2009

WAIW Effs Up Roundtable, Apologizes

. Thursday, April 16, 2009

We (and by we I mean me) inadvertently left Ace's WAIW Roundtable entry out last Friday. For this, I tried to restore my honor by committing seppuku with the plastic cutlery laying around the office from various lunch meetings. These implements proved woefully inadequate, giving me yet another reason to hate the Corner Bakery (the awfulness of their sandwiches is perhaps still the best one). Cutlery suicide having been deemed both impractical and somewhat histrionic, I've decided to instead give Ace (from Bleacher Nation and The Cubs Brickyard) his rightful forum to answer. Also, I'll be adding it retroactively into last week's Roundtable, Ministry of Truth-style.

The question, if you recall, was a Z-motivated inquiry about what one would change about the ballpark if they had the power to change anything. Ace's contribution:

"I would change its location by a few blocks, and place it in Columbus, Ohio.

Personally, I see nothing in need of change - a day at Wrigley is perhaps the greatest single experience ever (and I've had sex like three times, so that's saying something) - but to the extent that the 'experts' in charge deem the facilities too outdated and decrepit to compete for top line free agents without outbidding all competitors, that's where I'd start."

Excellent job, Ace. The editors of WAIW again send our apologies. This omission was our worst, most humiliating performance ever. And we should know - we've had sex, like, three times.


Angry Mike said...

Wow, these new events make me wonder....what if this happened to me? What if my blood sweat and tears were left off?

As the immortal Kenny Powers, who you currently have prominently placed on your page would say, YOUR FUCKING OUT JOHN!


Ace said...

The mea culpa is appreciated. After crying for hours (ok, days), I managed to pull myself together enough to decide: I'm going to get through this. And I will.

Thanks for the correction - the irony, of course, is that my answer to that week's question kind of sucked balls. :)