WAIW Bar Crawl Update!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

WAIW Bar Crawl Update!

. Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sea of Shirts

Since the dawn of civilization, man has dreamed of a way,
To incorporate outdoor travel and drinking on a beautiful day;

We will crawl, walk, run or hop
More creative ways will emerge, after each stop;

“I’ll have a beer, sir” you order with glee,
If you are a good person, you’ll add another for me;

Come one, come all, its not too late,
To cheer on the Cubs, get stupid and root against the Cardinals we hate;

So prepare yourself for 9 innings of debauchery and drinking,
2 o’clock at Lucky’s is what we are thinking;

Hope to see your faces out there, old and new,
And pray that we won’t have to witness a save that Gregg just blew.

As we are but 2 days away from the inaugural Wasting Away in Wrigleyville, I wanted to post some reminders and recommendations so we can all have a great time.  One of the biggest threats to a smooth event is timing, as inning length is variable and can each side can last a long time (see 8 straight balls thrown by Neal Cotts), or go by very fast (see Cubs offense in last night’s game).  As such, the time spent at a given bar can vary from 15 – 30 + minutes.  To minimize wasted time (and thus maximizing wasted time), WAIW endorses the following practices:

1) Have cash.  This is probably the most important item, as opening and closing cards will take considerable amounts of time.  Additionally, who knows what Visa will think of you if they see you open and close tabs at 10 bars in the span of 3 hours.  Having enough cash will speed up the process of getting drinks at each bar, thus increasing the amount of enjoyment.

2) Order a bottle, not a draft.  Having a bottle opened takes considerably less time than pouring the draft.  Plus, the drafts inexplicably give some people headaches.  Avoid the headache, and the heartache of not having enough time to finish, and grab a bottle.

 3)  Have IDs ready.  Getting through each line can take some time.  Be sure to have your ID ready at every stop so we can get in expediently. 

4)  Finish your drink early?  Head to the next bar.  Staggering our entrances to each bar will help ease congestion.  Should you are your crew finish your round, don’t order a second one at that bar, just head to the next one.  For those of you that ordered t-shirts (more on that later), simply look down and then check to see what inning it is.  Progress to the next named bar. 

5)  Do not drink more than you can handle yada yada yada blah blah blah.

6)  If you ordered a shirt, I have one saved for you.  Contact me if you’d like to pick up before Saturday and we can arrange something.  The cost is $8 each.  If you haven’t ordered one, there are a couple of extras which will go on a first come, first serve basis.

7) Try to meet up early.  John and I will be at Lucky’s between 1 and 1:30.  We will stay there until around 2:30, then head over to the Dark Horse, where we will be until the end of the first inning.  After that, the timeline is sketchy.  As a reminder, bar order is as follows: 

Pre-Game - Lucky Sandwich Co
1st Inning - The Dark 
2nd Inning - Merkle's
3rd Inning - Mullen's 
4th Inning - Slugger's
5th Inning - Harry Caray's
6th Inning - The Dugout 
7th Inning - Murphy's Bleachers
8th Inning - Casey Moran's
9th Inning - Bernie's

8) There evidently is another bar crawl that day.  Let’s show them how much cooler we are.

That’s about it.  Hope you can all make it out on Saturday.


Bree said...

really bummed i'm missing this... hope it's cubtastic, or at least blogerful

Official Ted Lilly Fan Club said...

Not sure that there's even a debate here--you need to fight the other pub crawl, Jets vs. Sharks style.

And remember what Ron Burgundy said, "Rule number 1, no touching of the hair or face."

John said...


wolfie said...

Nice poem - color me inspired.

The "Cover Your Bases" jack-asses are using a time-based schedule? I mean come on! - no self-respecting Cubs pub crawler should be able to read a watch once things get going.