WAIW at the Opener

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WAIW at the Opener

. Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WAIW heroically braved the elements Monday, throwing caution to the wind to heroically report on the condition of a decades-old ballpark. Clearly, we're heroes, like Casmir Pulaski, Michael Collins, and the Gorton's Fisherman. Observe, dear reader, the dizzying level of minutae with which we're able to scrutinize Wrigley Field, even after a 7 month layoff.

We did not think this game was getting played. If you've never seen them squeegee the field into the irrigation ducts, then let us tell you: It's like a damn magic trick (I mean "illusion").

A drop tile ceiling, near the new restaurant on the southeast end. This 1960s renovation confuses and frightens me.

And now flat screens? I think I need to sit down

Does this absolutely shock anybody else? I don't drink Budweiser, and I have open contempt for the rest of that family of products, but this feels wrong.

Is there any sensible reason to stay in your bleacher box seats during this? They're, you know, reserved and all.

Nothing says "America's pastime" like Green Apple Smirnoff

This is right before they pulled off the tarp. Does anyone honestly believe that the stands swelled to the 40,000+ announced attendance in the next 45 minutes? I'm fairly certain Pat and Ron must have lost the attendance game for one unlucky fan.



KD said...

Great pics guys! And way to brave the elements and take one for the collective Cubs fan team!

Elizabeth said...

i agree! watching water disapear into magic outfield black holes is amazing!

Steve said...

that's what she said?

Steve said...

also john - you forgot to mention that a beer stand was replaced with a "Captain Morgan" stand. watch out for them chi omegas!

John said...

"djjjjjjyou wanna see my tatoo? Jouuuu wanna see it?"