Astros 3 - Cubs 2 (10 inn): Undefeated Season Ruined ... RUINED!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Astros 3 - Cubs 2 (10 inn): Undefeated Season Ruined ... RUINED!

. Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Cubs lost their first game last night, falling 3-2 in 10 innings on the strength of a Kevin Gregg/Neal Cotts tag team of suck. That and a complete lack of offense.


It's a shame, because Dempster pitched a pretty solid six innings despite giving up a home run to a 1920s fancy boy. The offense couldn't do crap, and to make things even better, Geo Soto left the game after feeling a twinge in his shoulder. After that, we had Buzzhaw Hill at the 7 hole instead of the Rookie of the Year. I enjoy Hill's defense and toughness, but watching him hit at the big league level is like watching Stephen Hawking try to play Murderball. Soriano hit a bomb that almost cleared the stupid choo-choo tracks, but the only Cub to provide consistent offense was Ryan Theriot and his two hits. Also, Fuku entered in the 10th as a defensive replacement - one day after being lifted for a defensive replacement. Slim pickings indeed.

We missed the crazy-person glove flapping over the offseason

On a positive note, where the hell did Angel Guzman's 7th inning performance come from? He absolutely dominated the three batters he faced, striking out two of them and looking every bit the pitcher we were hoping for in spring. If he could pitch like that consistently, we'd have a couple of options for set-up men. It's certainly earned him his own WAIW tag. Aaron Heilman also looked good, keeping his ERA at a healthy 0.00. Ultimately, the Cubs lost a squeaker, and I'm not going to excoriate Cottsy (0-1) or Dwayne Wayne for their inability to finish things. But Gregg could certainly use a dominating outing or three.

They should really re-think these new Waterford Crystal bats

Tonight we put Ted Lilly against Brian Moehler, and I can't help but feel worried. Lilly's doesn't tend to start seasons on a tear, and he's even further behind than usual due to his participation in the WBC. But hell, Moehler didn't look great at the end of last year. It might be a nice night to put a fistful of runs on the board.