Stuck Between a Rock(ie) and a Hard(en) Place

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuck Between a Rock(ie) and a Hard(en) Place

. Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aaron Miles fails, but to be fair, the 7-10 split is the hardest to pick up

Writing recaps of mid-week afternoon games is always tricky.  Though I do subscribe to both MLB Audio and MLB Mobile (which streams audio on my Blackberry - I have used this $2.99 / month feature twice: once when I walked from my apartment to a bar 3 blocks away, for 7 pitches and the other time when I briefly listened to the Reds opener to test it out), at work it is hard to really focus on the game (WAIW Note to Our Respective Bosses: we never talk about, think about, listen to, or blog about the Cubs during work hours).  In a game of baseball, the momentum can swing just like that.  One moment, my co-worker asked if Harden just struck out the side, the next, Jason Marquis is knocking in 2 runs and the Rockies never looked back.  From my understanding this rally started off of a questionable call, but based on some of the calls we've received this year, you can't really be too upset.

A fun day at the ballpark is ruined when it turns into 'The Most Dangerous Game'

Harden, despite getting a ridiculous 8 strike-outs in 3 innings (that's 8 out of 9 outs, Will Hunting), he threw a double-ridiculous 92 pitches over that span.  Comparatively, Jason Marquis, while only striking out 3, threw just 16 more pitches and lasted 7 innings.  On average, Harden threw twice as many pitches per inning as Marquis.  There is simply no way we will win ball games (especially with our bullpen) if our starter is throwing 30+ pitches an inning and can't make it past the 3rd.  Which brings me to a point I never thought I would ever say out loud: the Cubs would be better off with Jason Marquis.  Before you get all Tom Cruise on my Matt Lauer, think about it.  Marquis would be our 5th starter, so your expectations are already average at best.  With Marquis in the rotation, that puts Marshall in the bullpen, giving us the long-reliever we are desperately seeking.  Of course, all will be forgotten if we just land Peavy!

Reed Johnson has shown us both ends of the spectrum of outfielder ability in the span of 3 days

While Bradley and Ramirez were still out for injury, today did mark the return of Soto. Though he didn't do much at the plate, its good to have him back as he is the future of the franchise.  I will not worry about the lack of offense today, as we aren't at 100% and I suspect these problems to be a combination of the cold weather and how early it is in the season.  Sure, I hate to lose, but splitting a series against the Rockies hardly seems as devastating after taking 2 out of 3 against divisional rivals on the road.  Tomorrow, however, marks the start of serious business.  With the Cards in town for a 4 game series, this will be a test against our closest competition (and I can't say I'm upset the Carpenter won't play).