Rod Blagojevich: "Dear Mistoo Piniella, I Wuv the Cubs"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Rod Blagojevich: "Dear Mistoo Piniella, I Wuv the Cubs"

. Thursday, April 16, 2009

We all know that our favorite trainwreck ex-governor was an ardent and public Cubs fan. This embarrasses we fans - especially the Illinois-based ones - to no end. Literally, Blagojevich liking the Cubs made it that much harder to like the Cubs. Sort of like how you hate it when some nerd or trend-whore in your high school suddenly "discovered" a band you'd been liking for years ... and then molested someone in the gym showers. It's well known that Blagojevich - who did a smashing job molesting the state of Illinois - reads and takes personally the things said about him in the media. Well, he took it completely the wrong way when he noticed this particular political cartoon to the right in 2007, and then sent it to Sweet Lou, with the attached note seen to the left.

A translation for those of you who don't speak tard: "I saw this in this morning's Sun-Times. What a great compliment for me. Sincerely, Douchetard McFuckface. P.S. Have you thought about batting Soriano third, Lee fourth, and Ramirez fifth?" No, dumbass. I'm sure that thoughout all his time trying to manage a newly-assembled team, he never, ever had thought of that. All of the years managing 100-win teams and winning a World Series never prepared him for the suggestion that those three particular players could, in fact, be batted in that specific order.

Nice to know that the man could take what is clearly a venomous insult on Lou's job performance and make it into a pro-Blagojevich sentiment. Fucking Sicilians have killed people for far less. I also dig that he made what can only be described as a terrible recommendation: batting cleanup a player who missed most of 2006 with a devastating wrist injury.

The weird coincidence? I was at the game that prompted all of this (Soriano bobblehead day, if you must know). Fucking Sergio Mitre, man.