Reds 3 - Cubs 0: I Was Saying Boo-Urns

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Reds 3 - Cubs 0: I Was Saying Boo-Urns

. Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ryan Theriot reacts to his mom telling him he can't have the Transformer he snuck into the shopping cart at Wal-Mart

Ted Lilly pitched a great game, and the score remained achingly close throughout the night - yet we still lost fairly convincingly. That will happen when the offense decides to whither up and die like a teenage goth exposed to manual labor. After a solid pair of hits in the first, it looked like the evening might convincingly go the Cubs' way. Then ... nothing. Shut out for the first time this year, and by Dusty Baker's team. Ouch. I guess Johnny Cueto is a cat fancier.

Lilly give up 4 home runs = Cubs Win! Lilly gives up 0 home runs = L Flag. Start throwing Howry-balls, Ted!

Milton Bradley struck out thrice and left 3 men on base. If you had April 22 in your "How Long Until Bradley Starts Taking Crap at Wrigley" pool, then you win. The crowd let him have it last night after another of his "Helen Keller at the Plate" performance pieces. Of course, I'm not sure if they were booing or saying "Boo-radley." And that just brings up all sorts of questions about why they were referencing "To Kill A Mockingbird." I feel like we've gotten off-track here.

Ramirez elects to perfect his fresh dance moves instead of hitting, but is foiled because baseball pants aren't parachutey enough

The shame of it isn't just the runners left on base and the inability of Cubs hitters to rebound against a so-so Reds pen. It's the waste of a phenomenal outing by Ted Lilly - 5 hits and one unearned run (anyone want to tell me what, exactly, Soriano was doing on that fly ball?) over seven.

Blast! I've already used my quota of Helen Keller jokes for today

And yet even in defeat, a day at Wrigley is unbeatable. WAIW brought a reader (also, incidentally, my aunt) to her first-ever Cubs game, as well as her first two neighborhood bars. The always-excellent alley porch at Mullen's and the second floor of Bernie's indoctrinated her into the Wrigley vibe in what we feel was the best possible way. Of course, this beer-related indoctrination most likely directly contributed to Steve looking at the right-handed (and Hispanic) Angel Guzman, turning to me, and saying "is that Lilly out there?"

... Ted Lilly?

While it's a shame that a fan's first game at Wrigley ended in defeat, we must ask, is this not the most fitting introduction to the team that has been driving us insane since we became old enough to affix ourselves to it like barnacles on a sinking ship? And more importantly, how did Wrigley compare to the one Sox game she attended at old Comiskey park in the '80s? Her response:

"Well, at the White Sox game, I saw two white trash kids drink through a stack of cups and throw up on the dad sitting in front of them."

Chalk up another victory for the city's favorite team.


Steve said...

my favorite exchange was with the 40 year old in the blackhawks jersey in the beer line:

john: go hawks!

old man: huh?

john: go hawks!

old man: i am looking for vodka on the rocks.

john: no, i was just saying, your jersey, you know, go hawks.

old man: yes, i have a blackhawks jersey on. now where can i find vodka on the rocks.

Mitch said...

The day was great even with a loss. Can't wait for my 2nd trip to Wrigley. Want to be there for a win!

J.J. said...

Yeah, Ted had a great game - too bad the rest of the team decided to take the night off.