Pirates Seized by Manatee

Friday, April 3, 2009

Pirates Seized by Manatee

. Friday, April 3, 2009

The President of Manatee Community College cheers on his team against the Pirates

John pointed out an interesting low in the history of Pirates baseball, losing in a charity game against Manatee Community College on Thursday.  While I don't know about the headline "Shocks World" as no one really is talking about it / cares about it, but we here at WAIW wanted to make sure this didn't slide by without giving it the proper ridicule.  It is probably the most pathetic upset since the shocking Washington Generals win, which sent hundred of kids home crying (to be fair, that game was really decided by the referee - who knew they were going to start calling traveling).  

I hope this doesn't defeat the morale of the Pirates top prospects, given two of them have the names Dave Davidson and Henry Henry.  Its like their respective parents had stuttering problems and were too embarrassed to correct the notary.  

The Manatee starting pitcher utilizes the floater, which ultimately led to these professional baseball players demise.

So we want to salute you, Pittsburgh Pirates.  It takes a truly awful team to lose to a community college.  This pretty much ensures you will stay at the bottom of the Central for years to come.  But hey, it could be worse, your local economy based on the steel industry could be in trouble.

Editor's Note: You would be amazed by all the pictures that come up when you Google image search "Charlie Weis front ass."