Leftover Game Notes and What Have You

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Leftover Game Notes and What Have You

. Tuesday, April 21, 2009

- The lady and I went to Mullen's before the game to chill out in my favorite back alley with a couple of pre-game beers, and I found this superior bottle of Old Style. The leaves turn blue when your beer is cold - far cooler than some bitchass mountain range. I wish they sold these in the stores. The lady brought up a good point - how cool would it be if the ivy was red when the label was warm and green when cold? Get on it, Zombie G. Heileman.

- I'm wondering why following Sunday's postponement, Lou didn't push Harden back to Wednesday. Lilly is usually good for at least 100 pitches, and everyone associated with the team has been talking all season about getting Harden as much rest as possible. Say we pitch Lilly Tuesday and Harden Wednesday - not only does it give Harden an extra day, it'll most likely save our bullpen an inning or two at the least. (Plus, you know, Steve and I would get to see Harden at Wrigley on Wednesday). I'm guessing that Harden's last start has the staff convinced that he's not sharp enough yet, and they're valuing his form over an extra day of early season rest.

- Saw this guy cheering for the Cards on Saturday. Sleeveless hoodie, unzipped to mid-chest. No shirt underneath. Do the Cards have a minor league team in northeast New Jersey?

- I know that it's tempting to get all worked up about the Brewers and their obnoxious fans - we certainly have - but all I needed to do was attend one Cubs/Cardinals game to instantly confirm that our division's greatest rivalry is alive and well. Even considering the last two years of Brewers play, there's still no comparison. Cubs/Cards kicks the greatest amount of ass, and always will.

- Speaking of Cubs/Cards, antipathy, there was a lot of it on display this weekend. Every player on both sides were told they suck - the weird exception being Neal Cotts, who the Cardinals fans absolutely loved. Anyhow, my point is that there was shit talking on both sides, and that the series was as heated as any mid-season tilt. As the two groups were spitting as much bile as they could at each other, you know what I didn't hear? Racism. If we're going to talk about this issue, let's keep it going, rather than making it just a flash in the pan. I'm putting it out there what I've seen and heard so far. Dusty's coming into town for a set, and since he's such a big part of this story, I'll be listening at Wednesday's game as well. I don't see Gordon Wittenmyer or any of the people who swallowed his sensationalism participating in such follow-up.

- You know what's worse than wearing a custom jersey with your own name on it to the game? Wearing a custom jersey with your Jedi name.

- Cubs/Cardinals. Saturday. Nationally televised afternoon game. Decent weather. So can anyone explain to me why more than half of the luxury suites were empty for the entirety of the game?