Hellfire and Damnation, Sir!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hellfire and Damnation, Sir!

. Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yesterday morning, I wrote about my unhappy realization that I would be in class during the time Z was mowing down Astros like a geriatric person in a parking lot full of Cub Scouts. Furtive glances at the BlackBerry and the realization that AM radio doesn't come in so great on the lower floors of a Loop high rise were about all I got.

But all was not lost. As I departed from class, Micah Hoffpauir was at the plate, about to smack in an insurance run and make people glance awkwardly at DLee. Jeepers, thought I, a chance to watch DWayne Wayne in his first closing opportunity. Usually colleges are not known for their flatscreens, but I was in the building that housed my institution's fine Digital Media Center, a computer and media lab with a bank of televisions in its foyer.

So down I go, seeing that only four of those are on, with ESPN, AMC, MSNBC, and CNN on them. Superb - I can catch the Angels/A's game. Just what I always wanted. So the student assistant was asked to change the channel to a more Cubs-friendly network. No problem, right?

"Oh, we can't change the channel. We only get the four channels."

What ... the ... fuck. The, and I'm quoting here "state of the art" digital media lab is unable of switching from any of the four channels? And AMC is one of them? I suppose whatever sadist installed this thing wanted people to watch "Mad Men," followed by six hours of "Planet of the Apes" sequels. But lord help you if you want to watch something outside of those four channels. So I ended up following the rest of the game on my Blackberry, which is a poor substitute for, you know, THE DOZEN HDTVs RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.

The College of Digital Media: Striding toward the future - four channels at a time!


Sam said...

Glad we got Milton Bradley,
Because "Operation" is what I'm all about.

Glad we got rid of Bob Howry.
I hate that bastard. I'd rather have gout.

I hope Marmol will continue his excellent and flithy stint.

Dempster Baby will continue his rise to superstar from prom night accident.

Any struggles will hopefully pass.

Dear Cubs, go kick some ass.

(P.S. My word verifcation word is "unale." I think that sounds disgusting.)

wolfie said...



Steve said...

sorry wolfie - its the wave of the future.

you will get used to it...its just like the first down line in football, crazy fox assholes at first, can't go back one week later.

John said...

"crazy fox assholes at first, can't go back one week later"

I ... agree?

Steve said...

perhaps capitalization of Fox would clarify it for you, editor.