"Fans" Can Be Idiots

Monday, April 13, 2009

"Fans" Can Be Idiots

. Monday, April 13, 2009

Note to idiots (not Idiots): Stop doing this, you colossal douches. Say there is a curse - wouldn't this just be fueling the fire of Pan, the Goat God? Of course, I'm also considering the idea that Sox fans took the Red Line from their various Shantytowns and Hoovervilles to try and place some bad juju on the North Side. But then I remember that livestock costs money that could be spent on stretch pants and lottery tickets. So I'm sticking with moronic college kids.
Goats make delicious meat and cheese - we shouldn't waste them when there are swarthy little Greek children going to bed hungry.


Nick said...

Don't forget wifebeaters, a staple of the Sox fan wardrobe.

jenzie1231 said...

Agreed. Cutting off a goat's head isn't going to help the situation. Maybe we should have a goat petting zoo or something next to that new outdoor bar @ Wrigley?