Diamondbacks 10 - Cubs 0: Tarnation!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Diamondbacks 10 - Cubs 0: Tarnation!

. Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's a bad feeling when you can't even hate on the team that beats you in an important series. Does anyone actually feel animosity toward the Diamondbacks right now (COI aside)? I don't. I feel like all they did was take advantage of a Cubs team inept enough to give me visceral flashbacks to my childhood. I mean, sweet holy crap are we playing poorly. Does anyone need a recap of yesterday's game? Tough shit, because when it got to 7-0 on the back of yet more inept bullpen work, I decided to rifle through my DVDs and watch the softball episode of The Simpsons. That's what men do when times get tough - they watch cartoons. Allow me some observations, as well as my last opportunity to remind everyone that It's Just April (TM).

- With every passing day, the Mark DeRosa trade makes less sense. Fontenot can't get out to a good start playing out of position, Miles can't ... do anything, and we've been exposed for a complete lack of infield depth. That's something we certainly didn't have at this time last year.

- We are, so far, missing that spark that used to bring us from behind mid-way to late in games last year. Is anyone else starting to feel that 3-0 is becoming an insurmountable barrier? Really, only the middle Cardinals game at Wrigley saw our boys come back and gut out a tough win on a razor's edge.

- A few starts in, Ryan Dempster seems to have turned back into Clark Kent. He's still a decent starter, but that sub-3 ERA may just be a happy memory.

- Bandwagon feels lighter these days, doesn't it?

- The white flag of surrender has a name - and that name is David Patton.

- I know that maybe you're looking for a little comfort here, but it's not my place to spin and dispense useless platitudes. We're all grown ups, and this calls for ... OHMYGOSH LOOK! PUPPIES! SQUEEEEEEEE!!!


Kat said...

fortunately i didnt have to watch the game/beatdown/complete lack of teamwork. What a mess!

J.J. said...

OMG are those puppies cute! (see, the distraction worked)

Bree said...

things just haven't been the same since Corner Gas got canned.

Corey said...

Speaking of Dempster, isn't it just amazing how well guys can play during their contract year?