Cubs Back On Track To Shut You The Hell Up

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cubs Back On Track To Shut You The Hell Up

. Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Your 2009 Chicago Cubs, proudly sponsored by Sure Deodorant 

As we've mentioned before, Tuesday nights are quiz nights for the WAIW crew.  What can we say, we have a proverbial hard-on for showing off our knowledge on obscure Bobby Brown references.  This Tuesday, we were the proud sponsors of a round concerning baseball knowledge, giving the beloved koozies away for the team with the most points (shout out to Gunner and his badassness, for winning in the Baseball Thunderdome).  This being said, much of the game was viewed through the eyes of discussing 2008 Pop Culture references (9 out of 10, thank you – and without much focus on the minutiae of the game (special shout-out needs to go to Joe Kilgallon, the tremendous host of the Quiz Night at O’Shaughnessy’s and WAIW favorite).  Of course, when you are putting on an ass-kicking, not much needs to be seen.

When in doubt, let Richard Dean Andersen calm those jangled nerves

All in all, a good game for the Cubs.  The offense found their stride and the pitching found the zone.  John and I were talking about how ridiculous it was people were panicking about the state of the Cubs 18 games in with half the All-Stars injured.  It is like worrying that MacGyver won’t be able to disable the bomb despite the fact that he only has 4 Blow Pops, a Skip-It and a curling iron – it makes no sense because in the long run, they will prevail.  So, while RDA may have let us down in other roles, let's focus on the MacGyver aspect of this team, and know they are too good to let it all blow up. 

Theriot's play has been slightly off due to the giant hemroid growing out of his ass

With the Cubs winning 11-3, I hope they can get into a rhythm.  They have another game against the struggling Diamondbacks tomorrow before coming back home for a 4 game weekend set against the forever-hated Marlins.  Pick up this road series, and the Cubs can set this back on track.  Lose the series…its still April, dammit, calm down.


Kat said...

ok so i'm still looking for pictures of lilly's adventures with a moth


Steve said...

you know - i almost paused the game to take a picture of it. but instead i dicked around on facebook. true anecdote.

emily said...

Leave it to TLFC...

Steve said...

eh, TLFC doesn't really capture the glory of it.

Kat said...

No, the TLFC has sorely disappointed me with their picture.