Cubs 4 - Rockies 0: A Great Miserable Day For a Ball Game

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cubs 4 - Rockies 0: A Great Miserable Day For a Ball Game

. Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sometimes even paradise looks as depressing as an indie movie

Yesterday was a little bit of tough love from the baseball gods. After months and months of WAIW bitching about the absence of baseball, we were forced to love it through the ugliest weather this side of Scotland in March. Fortunately, the Ted Lilly Fan Club appears to have been right all along - the intense lefty feels no pain. Only one start removed from giving up 1/8th of a year's allotment of home runs, Lilly spent the day making the Rockies look stupider than their purple uniforms ever could.

Fuku drew cheers from the literally dozens of fans in attendance!

Once again, the Cubs were patient at the plate, taking nine walks and putting Reed Johnson in front of yet another pitch. I'm going to be especially pissed at Fukudome for getting my hopes up if he takes another mid/late 2008 swan dive at the plate. He looked good again (late-inning baserunning flub aside), going 1-2 but drawing 3 walks. Koyie Hill continues to hit, and drew a bases-loaded walk. I still miss Soto. Cubs hitters made Ubaldo Jimenez throw 104 pitches in 3 2/3 innings, which is absolutely insane. It also allowed us to learn that Glendon Rusch is apparently still in the league. We can't seem to take full advantage of loaded bases, but at least we're getting there.

"Intensity? You know it. I live baseball. I breathe baseball. Also, I shit baseball on occasion."

Lou was smart enough to pull Ted just over 100 pitches, a decision I completely support. Once the no hitter was gone (an event my brother inexplicably cheered for), it would have been a stretch to think a complete game was in reach. I'm just glad that the Cubs finally managed to win a home opener. I've been going to openers with my brother since 2007, and was sick of watching relievers crap away games (Howry/8th/2007, Wood/10th/2008). Gregg, Guzman, and Heilman combined for a hitless final 2 1/3. It should be noted, however, that even in victory, and without giving up a hit, Kevin Gregg looked like crapp. He did manage to cut that ERA down to 9, though. So that's something.

The perfect day for a fan who already resembles a trash bag full of meat to fit in

Yesterday's game taught us a valuable lesson - namely, that announced attendance is a made-up number with no possible relationship to reality. Forty thousand fans my ass - there are only a select few stupid enough to sit in a rainstorm. Luckily enough, WAIW is part of that group. We will post observations and photos from our long-awaited return to the Friendly Confines shortly.


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