Cubs 11 - Astros 6: Pence Not Fancy Enough

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cubs 11 - Astros 6: Pence Not Fancy Enough

. Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ted Lilly can win even when using Howry strategy

As Steve has so ably put it, Brian Moehler did his best Barry Zito impression last night and the Cubs walked all over him. It was bad enough that five home runs (four by Lilly - 1/8 of his output from all last season) never came close enough to make a dent in the unassailable Cubs lead. I'm convinced that Hurricane Ike had something to do with this.

For once, not facing backward

Fuku woke up and hit for the first time since last May, and lordy was it sweet. I'm not naive enough to think he's back to April/May 08 form, but I did enjoy him finally playing with confidence last night - he looked comfortable enough in the outfield to get some sweet, sweet Milton Bradley lovin'. Steve refused to lend his support - he's been hurt so many times by the helicopter swing that now he can never love. One of the many reasons that Steve is baseball's Molly Ringwald.
Team spirit!
So who got nervous after David Patton gave up what Steve termed "Rule/Homer V"? Certainly your intrepid WAIW editors were momentarily aflutter. But after that, V seemed to find his groove and began laying down Astros more efficiently than Barry White and roofies combined. Marmol filthified the mound for a solid inning, and Angel Guzman kept looking suspicously solid on the mound. I don't trust this Guzman character - check back with me in 159 games.
Through tears, Pudge Rodriguez says, "I can't carry the ring, Mr. Ramirez, but I can CARRY YOU!"

Today is an off day - I hate off days. Now that we're back into baseball season, it means that my day feels sort of empty with no Cubs to watch. It provides structure to my life. Plus it's the only thing that keeps Steve from huffing glue out of a sandwich bag. Friday sees us head to Milwaukee, where there's just a hint of bad blood. As my great-grandmother always said, "Let's beat the fuck out of the Brewers! And the Irish!"


Angry Mike said...

Ha. Nice LOTR reference.

Official Ted Lilly Fan Club said...

Rumor has it that TL gave up those HRs so that, when he throws a perfect game in start #2, there will be even more drama.

classic Ted.

Steve said...

TLFC. your ideas intrique me and i wish to subscribe to your newletter.

Official Ted Lilly Fan Club said...

Always room on the TL Bandwagon, Steve(legal disclosure: available room will fill up quickly as Ted's train to Cy Young gains steam)

wolfie said...

FUUUUKUUUUUU! Don't mess with me like this. I've been preparing myself all spring to let you go. You better be for real.