WAIW Pub Crawl - Update and New Details

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

WAIW Pub Crawl - Update and New Details

. Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now its super-official. 

As previously announced, we have elected to host a pub crawl by our favorite institution. We have chosen to do this during an away game on Saturday, April 25 against the douchebag Cardinals and the rules are simple: we will go to a different bar for every inning of the game.  

Bar order as follows:  

Pre-Game - Lucky Sandwich Co. - As featured on Man vs. Food, we figured this would be a good place to set a base for excessive drinking. We will meet here at 2 and stay here until the first pitch at 3:10.  

1st Inning - The Dark Horse - A nice little bar that has a special place in our heart as they have kept reasonable prices during game days. That's living the High Life.  

2nd Inning - Merkle's - Named for the infamous Merkle's Boner (don't be dirty), the play that is credited for allowing the Cubs to win the 1908 Series. We feel it is an excellent place to celebrate heritage and make Poo-Holes jokes.  

3rd Inning - Mullen's - Every birthday has been spent here, one in which I ordered a triple grey goose and red bull because they had a $20 minimum on cards and I only wanted one drink. We will take over their alley which now features a projection screen and rock.

4th Inning - Slugger's - Drunken batting cages, enough said.  

5th Inning - Harry Caray's - The service sucks and its a tourist trap, but goddammit, its Harry Caray's. Plus, their big screen is incredible.  

6th Inning - The Dugout - A personal favorite of all those that love really shitty bars. It will remind you of a frat party, and we think that's ok sometimes.  

7th Inning - Murphy's Bleachers - Classic. Pay respect where respect is due.  

8th Inning - Casey Moran's - Unlike on St. Patrick's Day, the line will not be down the block.  

9th Inning - Bernie's - The place that starts almost every home game. I have seen many great games here, and even been kicked out twice in a single afternoon. That kind of dedication to the safety of their patrons impresses all.  

We will be having shirts which will run between $12 - $15 dollars. Basically it will be the above design...except it will be on a shirt (special shout out for John's co-worker Lori for taking my crude MS Paint idea (think Tracy Uhlman show Simpsons) and making it into a professional graphic). Let us know if you want one by April 10 with your size and all that other crap.

So there you have it. Hope you can all make it, it should be a ridiculous time!

Be sure to read the same thing as listed above, but be able to confirm your presence and recieve updates at the Facebook event site.


jenzie1231 said...

what day of the week is that on?

Steve said...

That's a Saturday - the perfect day for debauchery.

Sarah Ellen said...

color me excited. i bet steve will have to work, though. he is big on missing fun things for that, or so I hear...

Steve said...

i will have to work on stabbing your face.

Emily said...

I hear he sleeps through fun things too...better go to be early the night before Steve.