Cubs Media Monday: TO BE A WINNER!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Cubs Media Monday: TO BE A WINNER!

. Monday, March 30, 2009

These advertising wizards made immovable objects appear to be incredibly action packed.  And I fell for it.

For some reason, as a kid, I found Starting Lineup action figures to be amazing and I bought as many as my modest allowance would allow.  I remember having dozens of these things, but trying to recall what I actually did with them boggles my mind.  If you recall, they were on a base so they could stand, but none of the parts actually moved.  So beyond neatly arranging them on the cardboard paper baseball diamond, and then re-arranging them with ridiculous hilarity (Joe Carter as catcher?!  Oh, Starting Lineup, you have let my imagination run wild!), there was very little point to these as actual toys.

That being said, listening to that song makes me want to go buy some more.  Sounding like it was originally written for the Zack Attack as a follow-up to Friends Forever, it has all the ingredients of a catchy number that will inevitably be stuck in your head for the next hour.  

To be a winner,
Be strong, be ready to fight!
To be a winner,
Be fast, command the spotlight.

Bam!  I want to be a winner! I think my favorite part is that the number 1 selling point the announcer is emphasising is "detailed uniforms."  The most exciting prospect is that they have placed the team's logo and individuals name and number on them.  Is there anyway that someone can make something more mundane sound so totally awesome?  


Chip Wesley said...

Classic. I remember I had Ozzie Smith and Andre Dawson.

Actually that song sounds like Joe Esposito that did the Karate Kid song "You're the Best."

Jen said...

Zack Attack!!!!! Fucking A, man. This post prompted me to openly reminisce the Zack Attack episode. Everyone now think I'm nuts. (I'm nuts? Obviously they don't remember Zack's downward spiral when the band broke up.)

Thanks for that blast from the past, Steve.

Corey said...

I still have a Mike Schmidt Starting Lineup in the box.

Don't ask me why. It hasn't sold at any of our garage sales. Ebay tells me it's worth 99 cents.