WAIW to be WAIW: Announcing the Inaugural Pub Crawl

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WAIW to be WAIW: Announcing the Inaugural Pub Crawl

. Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Going into our second year as esteemed bloggers in the Cubs Universe, we felt it was appropriate to plan a bar crawl across Wrigleyville, especially given the name of the site.  So here you have it, dear reader, a chance for us all to meet, watch the Cubbies, and get belligerent.  Details, as follows:

Date:  Saturday, April 25:  Cubs @ St. Louis
This is a 3 pm game on Fox (added bonus, not having to hear Joe Buck!), which lends itself nicely to a Saturday afternoon bar crawl.  

Bars:  The goal of this bar crawl is to hit up a different bar for every inning of the Cubs game.  The tentative schedule, as follows:
1st Inning - The Dark Horse
2nd Inning - Merkle's 
3rd Inning - Mullen's
4th Inning - Sluggers
5th Inning - Cubby Bear
6th Inning - Harry Caray's 
7th Inning - Murphy's Bleachers
8th Inning - Casey Moran's
9th Inning - Bernie's

So there you have it.  We are giving you over 2 months notice, so set your plans accordingly.  

More details to follow.


Bree said...

so jealous... i live in florida. but i'll be there in june!

Steve said...

bree - this seems unacceptable as our longest loyal follower. we will have to have a mini-party in honor of your arrival in june.

KD said...

Boo! sounds like fun, but unfortunately I live in this craphole that is St. Louis. on the upside, I will be AT that game, dressed in my Cubbie blue! :)

Elaine said...

sadly i'm in Madrid for the next 4 months, but i'll sport my Cubs shirt with pride for all these futbol lovers.

Jen said...

I'm torn. I love both crawling for beer and classing up the joint at Busch Stadium in the blue. An afternoon of Old Style? Or an evening of stab wound treatment at Barnes?

What's a girl to do?!?

Steve said...

jen - the answer lies in the numbers.

# opportunities to see cubs at satan's country: 9

# opportunities to drink excessive amounts with the bloggin' buddies: 1*

* number ranges from 1 - 1000s

make it happen.

Bree said...

ooh, i look forward to this mini-party you speak of. my brother and i are aiming for the weekend of june 19. pencil that shit in.