Virtual Insanity

Friday, February 20, 2009

Virtual Insanity

. Friday, February 20, 2009

Note the 1 Excel Window open, indicating productivity at work

Well, Cubs ticket day has come and gone.  I know many had frustrations with the Virtual Waiting Room, but I got mine, so I am pleased.  There is nothing like the rush waiting for the first one to flip over to "Chicago Cubs Ticketing" and getting what you had targeted.  Today, we got the following games:

- Opening Day
- June: Indians
- July: Cardinals
- July: Brewers
- August: Phillies (Ryno bobblehead note!)
- August: Mets
- Last game against the Diamondbacks

How'd you guys do? 


Jen said...

The ticketing gods did not smile upon me for 2009. I also had a plethora of tabs and nonproductivity this morning but it was three hours before any flipped over to "Chicago Cubs Ticketing". Last year I was in within 45 minutes so I can't explain today's brutal rebuff. To Stubhub I will go...I was hoping to waste my entire day and pay 5x face value. Mission accomplished!

Glad you guys made out like bandits. I'm not jealous at all. :) I could really use a bitter emoticon right about now.

Bree said...

i have no tickets yet... :(

quite a disappointing day. but i'll keep trying, and still come up to chicago that weekend.

jenzie1231 said...

I waited 5 hours to get in, and once I did, every good game was gone, and the "okay" games that were leftover only had the nosebleeds left!! stubhub here I come :(

J.J. said...

Same here, six hours and I finally was called before the Ticket Gods to pay hommage and through the nose. (Don't get me started on the convience fee). I did manage to get fair seats to a game, but it's not until the end of September. Since I can't wait that long for a trip to Wrigley, I too will be spending more than I want ot at Stubhub. What's your secret Steve?