Virtual Insanity II: Electric Boogaloo

Monday, February 23, 2009

Virtual Insanity II: Electric Boogaloo

. Monday, February 23, 2009

Now that the dust has settled, and the plans made, here are the random ticket day observations that I have to add:

- I am ready to never again see the word "virtual." Staring at it filling up the screen strips it of its meaning. First, it looks like it's spelled wrong. Then, it doesn't even look like a word. Then, you're considering the connections between symbols and what they signify, because you majored in English instead of something useful. Then you get Opening Day, and it's all good. Still can't see word "virtual" without getting twitchy with the mouse finger.

- I'm glad that the Cubs love their system, but there is one flaw that almost gave me a heart attack. When you enter your user name and password, you're supposed to click on "login." If you hit enter, it says that the system is having problems. If you don't know to click "back" and refresh the page, and click yes to "resubmit form," then you'll probably think you've been kicked out. And you're fucked, because it takes forever to get in. I'm glad I knew better. I'm sure that somewhere, someone is crying for my success. Sorta like John Stamos feels all the time.

- Buying a season's worth of tickets requires what those in the financial sector refer to as an assload of money. For some reason I can't explain, I put my purchases on 3 different cards. I think I was trying to trick myself into thinking I spent less than I did. Moron. 

- Also, ever tried to get a ticket to a Saturday or Sunday game during the middle of the season? One time, I saw a Sunday game against the Pirates jack tickets to about $75 for a seat in the upper deck. Better to spend early.

- I saw jenzie1231 on our comment board talking about the "nosebleeds" at Wrigley. As someone who has graced the upper deck, lower level, and bleachers, let me tell you - there are no nosebleeds at Wrigley. In fact, most of the time it's a better view than the 200 seats, where it can be a crapshoot whether or not you'll see the whole infield. Up there, it's almost all free and clear, and on a good day you can get a nice view of the lake.

- Had to turn to StubHub for Spring Training tickets. I wish they would just change "late pickup" and "convenience" fees to "Fuck You Tax." Just put it out there - at least I' d feel like they'd respect me in the morning. Is there any ticket service or company that isn't universally hated?

- Sophia Loren looked like a weather-beaten hooker/madam at the Oscars. I will see her leering plastic visage in my night terrors until my dying day. 


jenzie1231 said...

ahh! well you know what i meant by, "nosebleeds"...the seats that are waaaay high up. personally, i'd rather sit lower, unless I'm behind a blasted pillar!